I took this photo Friday night at Orange County's Great Park.

An antiqued photo of a carousel (merry go round).

It resonates deeply with me.  I feel like it describes life – the whirlwind along with the steady continuity.  

On an even deeper level, I view it as a pictorial of the life of a chronic pain patient.  The pain is always there, steady and unmoving.  The quest to be rid of it is a never ending blurry circle.  I could go on and on about how much this photo speaks to me, but I won't.

Perhaps, in some way, it speaks to you too?

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4 Responses to “Life”

  1. Kristen G

    This photo does speak to me in SO many ways right now. It’s hauntingly beautiful. I equate it to a situation I’m having with my sister, my only sibling, who is battling a mental disorder and drug addiction. She’s in her second locked psychiatric facility this month. I feel like my family is on this horrible merry go round, and it won’t stop long enough for us to step off. Life is just spinning. We are all in pain, hurting for her – hurting for ourselves. Not the kind of pain you experience daily from your accident, but pain nonetheless. Pain that we’ve been experiencing for her and from her actions since she was young. I want our merry go round to stop.

  2. Erica

    Carousels remind me that nothing that pretty, whirly and yet safe is ever real.

  3. Jason

    Yes. Sometimes things just all blur together and it is very difficult to tell what is what.
    That and it makes me feel like I might hurl.


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