Orange County’s Farmer’s Market

Last week, I mentioned the Orange County Great Park hosts a Farmer's Market every Sunday.

Not long after I wrote that post, I got a request to please stop by the Farmer's Market for a visit.

So, I did.

I ended up having a great time, in spite of the heat wave (!!) we're experiencing right now. 

Jalapenos for sale at the Farmer's Market.

It was nice to see so much locally grown produce.  

Some of it came from right here in Orange County, and some of it was imported from an hour or two away.  (In Southern California terms, an hour or two hour drive is not far at all.)

I came home with some very sweet, white, corn.

Fresh corn on the cob.

Produce tastes so much better when it's freshly picked.

Some of the signs at the Farmer's Market made me laugh.


Got Nuts?  Roasted peanut sign.

The man selling roasted peanuts laughed at me as I took the above photo of his sign.

Walking around the Farmer's Market made me hungry.  A lot of the vendors were giving out sample of their produce/food.  It was a good thing too.  My breakfast consisted of their "samples."

Everyone seemed more than eager to have me take photos and write about them.

I couldn't resist indulging when I saw cupcakes from my favorite OC bake shop for sale.

Meringue Bake Shop at OC Farmer's Market.

There's nothing wrong with having a cupcake for breakfast, is there?  (Honestly, having one of their cupcakes makes a trip to the Farmer's Market worthwhile all in itself.)  I'd show you a photo of a cupcake, but … ahem, some random 16 year old boy might have inhaled them the moment I got home.  

Meringue Bake Shop also sells "push cakes" which are amazing.


I've got more to share with you about my morning at the Farmer's Market, but I'm going to save it for future posts.

(For example, I might have found myself 400 feet up in the air, tethered by a rope, at one point.)

I'll definitely make future trips to the market.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of products for sale.

I also really appreciated how much effort the vendors took to gain the attention of their customers.

Funny sign on the fruit at the Farmer's Market.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I brought home some of the best fruit I've ever tasted. 

I'm wondering why it took me so long to visit?

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7 Responses to “Orange County’s Farmer’s Market”

  1. Jan

    You KNOW how I feel about my farmer’s market. We drive 45 minutes one way (and that’s a long way in NE Ohio! LOL) every Saturday morning. Frankly, I think the place should be declared holy ground.

  2. Rachael

    oooh, now I have corn jealousy! (I don’t much like corn anyway, EXCEPT for fresh sweet white corn from the farmer’s market!)

  3. Shari

    Those PushCakes are my favorite. These are the originals in Orange County. Meringue Bake Shop really makes fun flavors. Salted Caramel is one I look forward to.

  4. Orange County Used Cars

    I live pretty close to Irvine and never realized there was a Farmers Market in the park? However, I’ve been to the one on the beach in Huntington Beach and that one is pretty fun with lots of fresh produce.


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