Party Up, Party Down

Last weekend was busy.

One of the events I went to was a surprise birthday party for a long-time neighbor and friend.

Like many (most?) parties here, it was held outside.

The party was catered, and I was handed a margarita promptly upon arrival.  Have I ever turned down a margarita on a warm summer afternoon?  (I mean, I'd consider turning it down but I might hurt someone's feelings and then I would never be able to forgive myself.)

There were Mariachis wandering around entertaining us.

Mariachi playing his guitar.

I wonder if they get tired of playing the same music night after night?

There were two "Taco Bars" set up in opposite corners of the backyard.

Gavin, one of the caterers, was cooking at one of them.

Party caterer making tacos at a taco bar.

Taco bars are very popular at parties in Southern California.  

Gavin was nice enough to let me take his photo.  (Of course, at this point I was a little tipsy from the never-ending flow of margaritas so Gavin isn't in perfect focus.)

After everyone had finished up with their tacos, the mariachi players left and a DJ arrived to play dance music.

Please take notice of this next photo:

DJ playing music at a party.

First of all, LOOK – IT'S ROD STEWART!!

(Not really …. but, maybe?)


Did you notice how the quality of photos I took got worse and worse the further along the party went?

I'm sure that had nothing to do with … tequila.

© Twenty Four At Heart

7 Responses to “Party Up, Party Down”

  1. Di

    I love mariachis and miss the sound of them here on the East coast. Just another of the wonderful things about the Southwest. Ahhh, memories.

  2. Jan

    Since my adult children spent quite a bit of time getting out of focus on Hornitos this past week, all I can do is express my admiration for your not-as-out-of-focus-as-you-think photos!

  3. Annette

    All we have to do is drink margaritas and the quality will improve! Thank you for this margarita drinking opportunity!


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