Sure, I’ll Take Your Gift

If you stopped by yesterday, I'm sure it was clear I was in a lot of pain.  In hindsight, it's amazing I was even able to write.  I was on a LOT of medication.

I'm happy to report the new pain med (Nucynta) worked pretty well for me once I took it Tuesday night. (More so than morphine and without the BLEH feeling morphine gives me.)  I think I may have, finally, found the "right" pain med for my body/my injuries.  It makes me very "wifty" though. (Wifty = lightheaded/foggy-brained, etc.)

Currently I'm sticking to my old meds during the day so I can drive/get things done and just using the Nucynta in the evenings.

Anyway, I'm not quite back to normal pain-wise but I'm getting better and I think I'm over the worst of this flare-up.  (I'm sure all that stuff the doc injected into me is starting to work it's magic too.)

In the midst of all that pain and bleh! on Tuesday, I came home to find a large cooler had been delivered to our front door by UPS.  

Imagine my surprise when I opened the cooler and something waved at me!


Inside were four live (!!) lobsters, four large crab cakes, and a huge bag of fresh mussels.

The cooler was sent as a thank you gift to our family.

 We've had a lot of visitors this summer and we keep getting the most amazing "thank you" gifts.  (Just a few days prior a bourbon chocolate cake was delivered to our house.)

I couldn't have held my "real" camera if I tried on Tuesday, but I did manage to take a few iPhone photos for you:


Lobsters on ice

The lobsters were packed with "seaweed" and ice.  I was a little worried about cooking them, but they went calmly into the pot.  (I thought they might put up a fight or something!)

It was the first time I'd ever cooked mussels.

Steaming mussels

They were fabulous.  I'll be honest, I've never really liked mussels.  I don't know if New England has a different type of mussel?  They were much milder in flavor than what I've experienced in Southern California.

Boiling lobsters

Bright red shells and curled tails mean the lobsters are done cooking.

Crab cake, corn, lobster (mussels not yet on the plate)

It made for a delicious dinner.  

It was also so nice not to have to come up with a dinner idea when I was in so much pain.  The decision was made for me.  I asked my boys to lift the heavy pots which made everything very easy despite my out of control pain level that evening.  

Now I find myself wishing a cooler with dinner in it would show up on my doorstep every day ….

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6 Responses to “Sure, I’ll Take Your Gift”

  1. WebSavvyMom

    –>I just think *I* need a wife to make us dinner every night. My husband and I have even shortened our daily communication to each other to “W4D?” (What’s for dinner?)

  2. Denise

    Oh yum! I used to visit Boston and had the BEST lobster/clam/mussel feasts. And having it delivered to your door? Awesome indeed!

  3. Missy

    Did you toss the seaweed in the pot too? I was in New Hampshire one summer and we did a clam bake on the beach and they threw seaweed in the pot to flavor everything. That was new to me. Hope is was delicious.

  4. Theresa

    Yum! What a wonderful thank you gift. I hope the meds start to work for you. ;o)


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