Important Questions; Half-Ass Answers

I'm answering questions from readers today.  

These are questions I've had emailed to me, or perhaps left in my comments section recently.  If you aren't interested in one question, just skip to the next and see if you can find something more to your liking.

•  Is it expensive to get a blog/business name trademarked?  No, it isn't.  You can do it yourself.  I had a lawyer handle it for me because he was also handling some other legalities for Twenty Four At Heart at the same time.

•  Do you have to rinse the salt water from your pool off the dogs after they swim?  Um, no we usually don't.  They don't have any skin problems either.  They do look all fluffy and cute after they dry off though.  (The salt content in our pool isn't any higher than it needs to be.)  They do sometimes battle swimmer's ear – especially our Golden Retriever.

•  You've never been to a Farmer's Market before?  Yes, I've been to many Farmer's Markets before – I had just never been to the one at the OC Great Park before.  (It's great!)

•  Will dermaplaning cause you to grow whisker stubble?  No, it won't.  The explanation is long, but the soft little hairs that grow on women's faces are different than the hair on men's faces or women's legs.  It is recommended you get a dermaplaning facial every 3-4 weeks for the best results.

*  Was dermaplaning done in a doctor's office?  Yes, dermaplaning must be done in a physician's office.  It cannot be done (legally) in a salon.  A dermatologist or plastic surgeon's office is your best bet.

•  Did dermaplaning irritate your skin?  No, my skin is extremely sensitive and it was not at all red or irritated.  In fact, a "regular" facial often bothers my skin and dermaplaning did not.  (Dermaplaning on a regular basis would bother my wallet though.)

 I want to fly out and take photography lessons from you, can I?  I was shocked the first time I got this request, but I get it a lot now.  I do give private lessons, but I've discouraged people from spending a lot of money on travel to come here.  

But …  

Several of you really seem to want to do this.  I'm considering putting together a weekend photography workshop.  I'm trying to find a way to make it affordable.  I don't have details worked out yet, but I'm interested in hearing suggestions.  I'm also interested in hearing from you if it sounds like something you'd like to participate in.

•  What's in your camera bag?  

Ahh … a lot.  

But, because of my bionic arm, I usually only have two lenses with me at any given time.  I've accumulated a lot of photography equipment, however.  

If you're just starting off I still stick by the advice I gave over a year ago.  

On the other hand, here's a recap of what I've used a lot this summer:

     •  Canon 7D  (Which I love, but I will be eager to get a MarkIII if they come out with one soon.  Yes, I want to have two bodies to use.)

    •  Black Rapid RS-W1 Women's Camera Strap – a must with my bum arm

    •  Lowepro Fastpack 350 camera backpack

    •  Speedlite 580 EX II, with a diffuser

    •  Canon 24mm/1.4 lens

    •  Canon 24-105/1.4lens

    •  Canon 10-22/3.5

    •  Canon 70-200/2.8

I do use other lenses too, but the ones listed above are the ones I've used the most during my travels, etc., this summer.  

•  Is your blog going to change now that you've incorporated?  Twenty Four At Heart is always changing because it's a reflection of me, and my life.  Twenty Four At Heart is going to be getting a "facelift," in upcoming weeks – but it's long overdue and was already in the plans.  The content here will continue to be as random as ever.

•  How's your arm?  Aack – I'd love to say perfect, but it's not.  I've been experiencing quite a pain flare-up for the last week.  Pain and disability are something I will deal with for the remainder of my life.  I do really appreciate all the support you've given me though.  I get strength from you, always, when I seem to need it most.  

I am so grateful to each of you.

•  What mode do you shoot in?  Well, that depends on what I'm shooting.  The majority of time I shoot on manual and I shoot RAW.  But not always – it depends what I'm shooting and what the circumstances are surrounding me at that moment.

 What's the latest with the kid at your son's school?  This is the (bad) soap opera that just won't go away.  In one form or another, it keeps haunting us.  As of today, Problem Kid is out of the country and not attending college with my son this semester.  I believe he's received some mental health care.  There's a lot more to this story, but that's where it stands as of right now.

I think that answers a lot of questions for today.  If you're interested in a Photography Workshop weekend, or have suggestions on ways to make it affordable – let me know.  (A lot of people requesting this are from out of state.)  

If today's post made you think of even more questions, feel free to leave them.

© Twenty Four At Heart

8 Responses to “Important Questions; Half-Ass Answers”

  1. WebSavvyMom

    –>Thanks for answering my question about the camera bag.
    I finally found a photography workshop/class in my area. Their website isn’t the greatest but there is more information on their facebook page. Also, I have a friend who’s taken two of their workshops and has learned a lot.

  2. unmitigated me

    Those of us who live in places that are dreadful from December to March would love to come to a photography workshop in lovey, warm, SoCal, especially if it’s during those months! SO, yes, sign me up!

  3. Jan

    I’m with Unmitigated on this one – I would LOVE to come out there in, say, February when the winter is REALLY starting to wear on me.
    Give us workshop details. It would be an excuse to come visit you at any rate. (Know anything at all about food photography?)

  4. Judi

    I would love to participate in a photography workshop, but I’m local so don’t have to fly. I could help with local transportation if needed.

  5. Alexis (Minnesota)

    OR…..if you’re remotely interested in travelling around to do say, weekend or 3 day, 4 day shops…..I’d be more than happy to help with the logistics of “Twenty Four At Heart” Does the Upper MidWest!! We could make you into regional workshops and all your travel SHOULD then be tax deductible. What, you say??? What about the children?! For the college ones sync it with their holiday off and include ’em. For the on-going homebound sync with when Briefcase is around and let him run the roost. Makes the imagination runs wild doesn’t it?! Come play – come play!!!!!

  6. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    I would love to come out to CA for a photography workshop! Something I have missed since I moved out to AZ last year – is taking time to take pics. Great idea!

  7. Erica

    I’ve heard that OC hotel rooms are pricey so, depending on the length of the workshop, you might want to see what sorts of deals you could find for participants. Having a huge influx of strangers in your home would not be fun for you, and you’d have to answer too many questions at odd hours of the day.


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