Is It Just Me?

I'm still having technical problems, but I was able to upload this photo from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Bulgari store on Rodeo Drive.

Well …??

Is it just me?

© Twenty Four At Heart

12 Responses to “Is It Just Me?”

  1. Jan

    Yes, it looks like a penis. Not a tongue. 😛 (That cracked Beloved up, by the way.)

  2. Cynthia

    What was that architect thinking?! Nevermind….I probably don’t want to know.

  3. Di

    YES… It’s just you. You are the only one with network problems and the only one with penis problems.

  4. Jo Anne

    OMG. I am pleased to say that I had to look at the comments to get “it.” My mind is usually in the gutter, but on this one you had me beat. Good job.


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