Labor Day Weekend

* I'm not feeling great which means this may be the most random post I've ever written.  Lucky you! *

Most of my readers from the United States have probably spent the weekend celebrating Labor Day weekend.


I was hit with a stomach-bug Friday afternoon.  (It was probably possibly an allergic reaction to a new "health" food I tried on Friday.  That will teach me to be healthy, won't it?)

I've done a lot of nothing for the past few days. 


Well, I've moaned and groaned a lot.

Is there anything worse than feeling sick to your stomach?

I made the giant effort of taking a shower yesterday.


Trust me, it was a giant effort.

So, instead of hanging out at barbecues, and the Trailer Trash Party I was supposed to go to –

I've been trying to muster the energy to edit a few photos while laying on the couch.  I'm starting to feel better, and I'm sure I'll be back to "real life" by tomorrow.  In the meantime, here are a few of the photos I edited this weekend:

Some family members enjoyed the holiday weekend without me:

Golden retriever jumping into a swimming pool.

It's nice someone was having a good holiday weekend, right?

Please don't put your wet balls in my lap!


Mocha, my chocolate lab, was more concerned with what was cooking on the grill.


Something smells good!

I did make a few trips out to our patio with my camera –

Changing your sitting environment is important when you don't feel well.

Look what I found while I was outside:

Fall leaves.

The first signs of fall ….

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4 Responses to “Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Di

    We have a couple of trees that always start dropping their leaves in August… I love fall but wish they could at least wait until mid September.

  2. Pseudo

    Hope you feel better soon.
    My daughter was watching the marathon today of Real Housewives of OC and I thought of you. Living by all those scary women.

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>We brought home a black lab puppy on Sunday. The yellow lab was showing off and jumping into the pool. The same black puppy “jumped” in twice too. The poor little guy is all legs and ears so I helped him out.


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