Orange County in September

A lot of people don't realize, this time of year is often the hottest in Orange County.

In May and June (and sometimes even into July) we get foggy mornings along the coast which serve to keep the weather a little cooler all day.  Come August and September, (and frequently into October), it gets hot, hot, hot here!

Tuesday's temperature.

Over the last week the hot weather has been intensified by humidity which we rarely get.  (There was "tropical moisture" in the air according to our Local Weather-Barbie.)

What does this mean?

Why am I talking about something boring like weather?

Well ….

Orange County sunset.

I took the above photo from my driveway on Monday evening.  (And yes, the colors are REAL!)

That same evening, just a bit earlier, I took this photo from my backyard:

Mountain sunset in Orange County.

The sunset(s) have been unbelievably beautiful as a result of the extra clouds and moisture in the air.

On Tuesday, early evening, I decided to go for a walk along the beach cliffs.  I was hoping the air would be a little cooler right by the water.  It was still hot, but it was definitely cooler than at my house.  Of course, as always, I took my camera.

It was such a beautiful evening in Orange County.

The bluffs in Laguna Beach.

I just love "the golden hour" before sunset.  It's my favorite time of day.

I made my way along the bluffs, until eventually I arrived at Laguna Main just in time for sunset.

Laguna Beach sunset.

Oh my!

I do love living here, even when it's (too) hot.

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  1. Jan

    *sigh* It makes me long for autumn in our neck of the woods, when we have some color, too! 😛

  2. annie

    Oh this heat wave is killing me. And the humidity has been awful too!! Your sunsets are amazing!


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