School Memories

Do you remember your first day of school ever?

For me, it was kindergarten.  (There were no preschools in my, at-the-time, still rural community.)

I was four years old which was young for kindergarten, but I was deemed precocious and "ready." 

I remember my first day of kindergarten as vividly as if it just happened.  

I can even recall my teacher in the greatest of detail.  

Her name was Mrs. Riley.  

She had red (!) hair.  It was the first red hair I'd ever seen up close.  

It was so pretty!  

I can still remember the scent of her perfume when she hugged me.

I will never forget my mom walking me into the classroom on my very first day, and then – walking away.

I remember it all, perfectly.

It's that time of year.

Time for books, and pencils, and the smell of new erasers.  

The memories of the first day of school, whatever the grade, will never go away.  The excitement, the nervousness, the fear and yes – even the joy.


Yes, I'm a nerd. 

Learning has always been a joy.


Well, school wasn't always filled with good memories.

By third grade, I was deemed "gifted" in a school system with inadequate means to deal with its brightest students.  I was bored, academically, on a regular basis.  By my teen years, I frequently used my "smarts" to manipulate the school system.  I was quite proud of it at the time.  

I never could relate to most girls my age, and they couldn't relate to me.

I found their preoccupation with "girly" things inane.

I still do.

They found me "different."

They still do.

With naturally light blond hair, early sprouting DD boobs, and intelligence too - 

I was an immediate target for bullying by "the mean girls" in high school.

I remember, so many times –

Just wishing I could fit in even if it meant being a little more like them.

I'm no longer in school, but I continue on a quest for more knowledge.  

I seem to have an insatiable desire to learn more, to delve deeper.  

An expert at nothing, I consider myself a damn good "generalist."

(I'm fairly competent, but not great, at a lot of different things.)

Yes, I still remember my first day of kindergarten in the tiniest of details.

I wish someone had told me then,

It's the best thing in the world –

In fact,

Really – it's a badge of honor,

To be different.

© Twenty Four At Heart

5 Responses to “School Memories”

  1. Di

    I agree. I was a bit different. Not so much in looks, well, okay, I was different looking in grade school. BUT, as the years progressed I was different due to some of my ways of thinking. Always on the fringes of every ‘group’ of people. These days… who cares. LOL I wear my badge of being different with pride.

  2. Jan

    I was not only smart, with big boobs, but nerdy as well. Fortunately, I found my place with other nerds and school wasn’t too terribly bad.

  3. Mike Ep

    Awesome ending! =)
    Your writing is so addicting to read!!


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