Somewhere in San Diego County

I've been very active with photo sharing on Google Plus.  I recently realized, a lot of photos I've shared there (primarily with other photographers), I have yet to share with you here.  Of course, you're more important than anyone else.  And yes, I sincerely do mean that. 

Today, I'm going to share a few photos I've taken in the San Diego area this summer.  San Diego is about one hour (driving time) south of where I live in South Orange County.  By Southern California standards, that means San Diego is pretty damn close to where I live.


San Diego beach near the Hotel del Coronado.

I normally like photos with a more realistic look to them, but I was playing with the above photo and had fun stepping out of my normal comfort zone while post-processing it.  (And for you photographer-types the above is not an HDR photo.)

Speaking of stepping out:

Oak wine barrels.

I took the wine-barrel photo at a wine tasting store in Carlsbad.  I'd tell you the name of the store, but I must have tasted too much wine while I was there because I don't remember it.

Alcohol and the city of Carlsbad, (which is in the northern part of San Diego county), seem to go together:

Liquor store.

I fell in love with this old, funky, liquor store.  I took a lot of photos of it while my husband looked on questioningly.  Have I mentioned I love old and funky?  (Especially when it comes to photography.)

I was walking to dinner in the Gaslamp District with my friend, Neil, one night when we both stopped dead in our tracks.  A man was crossing the street in front of us, his guitar in hand.  I immediately knew I needed to take his photo.  (Neil and I were both on the same wave length in this regard.)  We asked the man if he would mind stopping for a moment.  He was more than happy to oblige.

Mariachi player.

San Diego, the city itself, has such a pretty skyline:

San Diego skyline.

I took the skyline photo while hanging out with some blogging friends on Coronado Island.  We were waiting for a ferry back to our hotel after having lunch at the Hotel Del.  The people I was with were in awe of Southern California weather, plants, topography.  We went to Coronado specifically for them to put their feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time ever.  It made me realize how much I take for granted my beautiful surroundings and beach lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of San Diego, and San Diego county today.  

Tomorrow I'm going to answer some reader questions I've received.  If you have anything you've been wanting to ask, feel free to leave it in the comments section today even if it isn't related to today's San Diego photos.  If you're too shy, you can also email me directly.

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6 Responses to “Somewhere in San Diego County”

  1. Jan

    I love old and funky too – just ask Beloved. 🙂
    I actually like the first photo – the vignette is nice, and not overdone – but my favorites are the wine barrels and the guitarist. Very, very nice!

  2. Jo Anne

    I grew up in San Diego and left in 1969 — (I am far more than 24 — even at heart)and have never really looked back. I must say though your pictures make me a little homesick. I do enjoy your blog and keep good thoughts and prayers for you and your pain managment.

  3. Kristen

    Where was that last photo with the umbrellas taken? Looks familiar to me, just curious.

  4. Michelle

    Love the photos especially the mustache man. I have a question. What is going onwith problem kid and your son? What happened?

  5. WebSavvyMom

    –>I’d love to know what’s in your camera bag.
    Santa is bringing me a DSLR for Christmas (he better!) but it’s a whole new world learning about lenses, external flash attachments, etc.


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