The Last Days of Summer

It isn't officially fall yet, but my kids are back in school and fall is almost here.

I'm noticing little things that signal the change in seasons …

The sun is setting lower on the horizon.

A couple arguing at sunset on Laguna Beach.

(What do you think they're arguing about in the above photo?  I had some people make pretty funny guesses when I posted that photo on G+.)

Even though the weather is still warm/hot it feels different these past few days.


No stopping sign.

When I go for walks, I find myself less likely to walk with my feet in the water ….


Ocean and beach framed by palm trees.

The ocean is feeling a little colder.

Fall colors are showing up in my yard.

Yellow flower in my backyard.

Dusk is arriving noticeably earlier.

Silhouette of a hummingbird at dusk.

It might not officially be fall, but it's feeling like fall in a lot of little ways.

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3 Responses to “The Last Days of Summer”

  1. Tiziana

    It’s feeling like autumn here in Malta too…especially because the days are getting shorter and shorter. It takes time for me to adjust to the shorter days – short days is one of the reasons why I hate winter.
    About the couple arguing…if they’re Maltese, they’re probably just talking about their day or whatever. We Maltese use hand (and body) gestures all the time!

  2. Jan

    Since we’re going to have a blazing high of 58 degrees today, I must agree with you.


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