Venice Beach

Venice Beach, in Los Angeles county, is more famous for its boardwalk than for its actual beach.

When people talk about "those crazy Californians" they're most likely talking about the type of characters you run into at Venice Beach.

The people watching is the best you'll find anywhere.

In fact, if you stick around long enough –

There's probably nothing you won't see at Venice.

Approaching the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Weed is very popular in Venice.  There's a large Venice sub-culture supporting the legalization of marijuana.  Stores selling bongs, pipes, etc., are common.  So are small shops acting as medical offices.

Sign for medical marijuana evaluation.

Forty bucks and a flash of your identification gets you in to see a doctor.  Tell the doctor you have a medical issue, of any sort, and you'll get a license for the use of medical marijuana.  (More on this in an upcoming, separate, post.)

If you're not into kush, you can find other drugs too.

Botox on the Beach.

Who doesn't come from a day on the beach thinking they need a little Botox?


Didn't you mention needing Botox the last time you went to the beach?

The boardwalk is lined with shops selling everything imaginable.

Venice Beach boardwalk shops.

Venice Beach boardwalk.

Venice is sort of old, sort of dirty, sort of gritty, and a "must-see-to-believe."

More than anything, though –

Venice Beach is about people watching.

Man at Muscle Beach, Venice Beach, California.

And, it's definitely the best people watching anywhere on the planet!

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6 Responses to “Venice Beach”

  1. karen

    What a funky place!… the pot practice is hysterical. As for the awesome buns, I’m not going there. Oh, I arleady did.

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>Whoa~ I wasn’t expecting that last picture as I scrolled down at my desk, in the office, sipping on my coffee.
    At our beach, we have circle signs that say “NO #*%(!$” with the red circle and the line through it to represent no profanity.

  3. Jan

    I can’t wait for your post on medical marijuana. We recently saw Ron White’s standup act where he talked about getting popped for possession in Florida. He told the police he had a prescription for medical marijuana (which he got in California). When they asked him what his condition was, he said, “I get really bummed when I don’t have any marijuana.”

  4. Di

    Never been to Venice Beach but I can see that it would entertain me quite nicely. LOL

  5. Linda

    I had to come back for a pick me up- I looked at your post this morning and didn’t have time to comment. Love the last picture, 🙂

  6. Issa

    I grew up in Santa Monica. Venice was always one of the best places to go and watch people. You’re right about being able to see anything there.


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