Happy Halloween!

We had a beautiful weekend here.  It hit 90F/32.2C at my house yesterday.

Laguna Beach.

I tried to take a scary self-portrait and this is what I came up with:


By the way, do any of you know how to permanently (non-surgically) get rid of laugh lines?

Or, as they're better known, big giant CREVICES in your face?



Aging is such a bitch!

We've had some Big Stuff going on in our lives over here at the Twenty Four household, but I can't blog about any of it yet.  It's giving me writer's block.  There are so many things I CAN blog about, but instead I stare at my computer screen and think … but I can't write about that.

And then, I stare at the screen some more.

I made goulash for dinner last night.

I have no idea why I just told you that, but I'm curious if any of you have ever made goulash?  It's fun just to say the word over and over …  goooo – losh!

I'm off my temporary, emergency, steroids.


(Except … hello Return Of Pain.)

Some of you wrote and asked me about the Fentanyl Patches I was prescribed.  Long story short, I'm not using them right now.  They made me itch like crazy and also want to barf.  I've tried them three times now and I think I'm going to pass.  I see Dr. Painless next week, and I imagine he'll be unhappy about this news.

(Um, he may read about it here before I tell him – !)

Even more of you asked if I'm using medicinal marijuana ….

I do use it sometimes.  And yes, it helps but it isn't a cure-all either.  I also don't feel like I can get high and go out running errands, driving all over Orange County.  When I do use it, it's generally at night when I know I can just hangout for the evening.  (It doesn't happen very often because my life is hectic.)

My new laptop is scheduled to be delivered from China sometime on Thursday.  It's an Apple … a MacBook Pro to be exact.  I wanted it with extra RAM right from the get-go (for all my gigantic RAW photo files) so I had to order it online instead of buying one in the store.  Apparently, when you order a "custom" laptop it gets shipped from China.

I'm not at all excited about getting a new computer.  I suppose I should be, but I'm not.  I'm too frustrated with my current one.  I'm sure I'll be thrilled when it arrives though, because then I can stop threatening to throw my old one against a wall.  (I also want to stomp on it repeatedly, but so far I've displayed excellent self control.)

Did you know I have trouble thinking without a laptop?

Some people can't think without a pen in their hand …

I can't think without a functioning laptop.


I'm trying though – !!

Three more days until I'll be able to think again ….

© Twenty Four At Heart

6 Responses to “Boo!”

  1. Di

    Are you re-doing the website? Just curious little Miss Spooky Face. 🙂

  2. Jan

    That reminds me – I need to move all of my humungous RAW files to my external hard drive (2 terabytes, and I need every byte of space on the thing), because the performance on my laptop is starting to bog down.
    I have not made goulash, or eaten it. I’m not entirely sure what it is. Guess I’ll have to go do some research (and thank you VERY much!).

  3. stacy

    I can’t think or talk on the phone without my glasses on. Everything seems surreal when you cant see. I totally get the conputer frustration. I’m down to using my daughter’s netbook. Half the time I type faster than it goes and I’m typing blind until the words finaly show up on the screen. frustrating.

  4. Michelle

    Three more days, then you can take all the info off your old laptop, put it on your new one. AND THROW THE OLD ONE AGAINST THE WALL!! But pick a wall it won’t damage, like a brick one. It can be so therapeutic to throw stuff (and yes, I may have thrown stuff once or twice).


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