In Transit

I'm on my way back home ….

Here's a look at my "last meal" in Boston. 

Sorry it's so dark – it's an unedited iPhone photo, taken inside a dark restaurant.

It was a "Lobster Seafood Fest for Two," but it could have fed at least five.  It included lobster, clams, mussels, corn on the cob, potatoes … and probably other things I'm too tired to remember.

My daughter has abundant leftovers in her fridge for dinner tonight.

It seems like I ate my way through Boston.

Oh wait, I think I did ….

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6 Responses to “In Transit”

  1. Denise

    I’ve had that meal! But I was in my twenties and I could eat a meal like that without worrying about it because there were no consequences at that age. Lobster and butter….oh man, that’s heaven.

  2. LindaSalem

    Hope you get home without the airport security issues you had in LAX. I wonder if they could be slapped with a lawsuit for ADA noncompliance? My husband has a titanium rod in his leg and I have two in my back. Fortunately, I have not had to fly post 9/11 but we’re hoping to do more traveling after hubby-honey retires. He doesn’t always set off the metal detector. I didn’t either when I went through at the courthouse for jury duty. Still, they should have plans in place for dealing with folks with disabilities who really want the world to be safe for travel but are physically unable to comply. Sometimes politely asking the right people gets the issue the proper attention but I don’t know who to ask. Something for further research I guess.
    I’m glad you had a really good time visiting with your daughter. I looke forward to seeing the pics later.

  3. Mildred Ratched

    I’m so jealous and feel a little like Pavlov’s dogs salivating. I always stock up on seafood every year when I go home to Maine…thanks for posting a picture that inspired me to remember some wonderful memories!

  4. Jane

    OMG. Lobster and crabs, fresh from the ocean. I also ate my way through DC and gained 10 lbs. I’ve lost 6 of them since getting home. Totally worth it. Be safe!


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