Man Cold

My weekend was pretty … meh.

Briefcase has a Man Cold and most of you know how that goes.

Is there anyone in the world who hasn't seen this hysterical video?


Man Cold video.

I'm hoping I don't catch it from him.

(Yes, I tried my best to avoid my husband all weekend …. while still being an annoyed a loving, impatient supportive, eye-rolling sympathetic wife.)

I've got a busy week planned, including a trip to the east coast next weekend.

I might try find time to buy a long sleeve shirt to wear while I'm back there.

I refuse to buy a coat for one weekend.

Stop laughing at me …

(Expect a future post about me freezing my ass off because I'm on the east coast at the end of October without a coat.)

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9 Responses to “Man Cold”

  1. Jo Anne

    OMG who knew…Maybe this is why I am divorced…didn’t know proper procedure for man cold.

  2. Jan

    I adore Nick Frost (the guy on the sofa) and Simon Peg; I own all of their films on DVD. However, this is a fairly accurate representation of A Sick Man. The only thing missing is him begging her not to remarry. *rolls eyes*

  3. Judi

    I have a nice, wool pea coat you can borrow if you want….

  4. firefall

    You realise you’ve guaranteed the East Coast a cold snap for that week, by saying this?

  5. Jane

    I just got back from DC. The weather changed overnight and you WILL NEED a coat. Even if it’s just a lightweight one, you’ll need it. Otherwise, take sweaters at least!


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