Massachusetts is Hard to Spell ( … And Other Dilemmas!)

My trip home to California from Boston, did not go well.

My "nonstop" flight ran into a problem and I somehow ended up in Nevada.

Oh yes, I eventually made my way home yesterday but without a minute's worth of sleep in over a 24 hour period.  (Thank you to whoever suggested I take A Game of Thrones with me on this trip.)


Massive quantities of steroids for pain will WIRE you.

And make you JUMP-JUMP-JUMPY!

(But they do help a lot with my pain level, so … fair enough.  Life is one big trade-off, right?)

Am I rambling?

Did I mention no sleep?

I'm back in Orange County.

I haven't slept in two days, I think.  

Maybe three?

I can't sleep either – thank you mega-steroids.

And yes, I am exhausted.

My laptop apparently does not have enough RAM (kind of like short-term memory for those of you non-computer-savvy folks) to run Lightroom and/or Photoshop, let alone both of them at the same time.  I've already upgraded the RAM as much as it can be upgraded since it's an ancient (three year old) laptop.  Current laptops apparently come with twice the RAM I now have.

Why did they name it RAM?

Don't tell me – I don't really want to know, and I don't actually care.


Something else is wrong with it also.  (It doesn't work – har dee har har!!)

Today I'm going to go price laptops.

I hope you'll bare with me as I try to get my online life back in order. 

(BTW, I can't type on a desktop due to my arm – I have to have a laptop on my lap in order to type.  Seeing as I've moved into full time photographer-mode, it would be so much easier and better if I could work on a full size, super smart, desktop computer, but sadly that's not an option.)

Getting a new laptop computer may sound exciting, but unexpected expenses are not exciting at all when you have two kids in college at the same time.

Just sayin' ….

The Charles River, Boston, MA  Fall 2011

I did manage to upload the photos from my trip, but it took over three hours with my sort-of-bandaged computer.  I also had to juggle while standing on one foot, balancing in mid-air, all at the same time in order to make the upload work.

Breakfast at a neighborhood bakery, Boston, MA.

Despite the lack of sleep, the steroid-induced jumpiness, the broken computer …

I'm still on a bit of a Boston high.

It was so beautiful, and I crammed activities into every waking moment while I was there.  

Girls just want to have fun, right?

Fall colors, Boston, MA.

I couldn't get enough of the pretty New England leaves!

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11 Responses to “Massachusetts is Hard to Spell ( … And Other Dilemmas!)”

  1. Pam

    Suzanne, couldn’t you use a desktop with a wireless keyboard on your lap? It would have much better graphics for your photos.
    Love the one of breakfast: full of ambience! Must try to copy that for my travel photography…

  2. Pam

    Oh, sorry, forgot about the mouse: I guess that’s the main problem. Drat!

  3. Alexis (Minnesota)

    Also, as an alternative, you could get a desktop tower with faster processor, more RAM, more storage etc and use your laptop as the keyboard…..desktop towers are a LOT less expensive than laptops. Just re-tool thinking a little. Keep the laptop for portablility and comfort and use the tower for longterm storage and speed when you’re at home doing stuff. Maybe consult with a good computer geek about the various things you actually use your computer for.
    Good luck! And – glad you’re back safely.
    Love steriods – hate the side effects.

  4. Tiziana

    Hi Suzanne,
    You can also find a wireless trackpad if it’s easier for you rather than a mouse.

  5. Deidre

    I was going to suggest the same thing as Alexis – but I am sure you’ve though of these things!
    Hope you can finally get some sleep! I’m glad you enjoyed Boston.

  6. Pam

    Beautiful pictures Suzanne! I’m sorry about your lack of sleep and your laptop! I know exactly what you mean about unexpected expenses with two kids in college. A couple of weeks ago my daughter’s laptop died and of course, she’s in college, she HAS to have a new one. It was painful, especially so soon after getting them all set up for the year.
    I hope you had a great time in Boston.

  7. Jan

    Ewww – I hate being on steroids. I’ve put off going to the doctor for this odd rash on both sides of my neck (I suspect an excess of nut consumption, but you can never tell), because I know she’ll just prescribe steroids.
    Good luck pricing the laptop – you never know, there are all sorts of reasonably priced machines available. Maybe Briefcase won’t have a hemorrhage.

  8. Amy in StL

    My 88 year old dad was put on steroids a couple months ago and he’s finally getting to sleep on a regular basis. He’s been so much better that it’s sort of worth the crabby that he gets when he’s not sleeping. I need a new laptop AND a new desktop at home. My laptop is limping along and my desktop (which I need for graphics and music stuff) is so old I can’t get new software to run on it. But I do love the wireless keyboard with a trackpad that lets me at least lie on the guest bed while I’m using it.

  9. Linda

    Game of Thrones?? Is it good? did you finish it? I have almost bought that several times- love to hear your review. I know we like the same sort of books from some of your past recomendations.

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