Angeles Crest Highway, and More …

I'm tired.

Tired as in …


Today I don't have to "do" anything.

Don't get me wrong –

I have a zillion billion things I need to do,

But I have nothing I HAVE to do.

I might doze on the couch for a few hours, but shhhh! don't tell anyone.

My daughter left on a red-eye flight last night.

Yesterday, she and I went to the small town(s) of La Crescenta/La Canada/Flintridge/Montrose where I grew up.

She had never visited there before.  It's about an hour and a half drive time from where I live now (when there isn't rush hour horrible traffic).  She was delighted with the cuteness and charm of the area.  By the way, all four of the above mentioned places are pretty much the same "town."

We had lunch outdoors at a little local bakery.

We walked around a lot.

We drove up in the hills mountains and I showed her where the local "make-out with your boyfriend" spot was.  (Is?)

Angeles Crest Highway as viewed from Make-Out Point.

I shared with her the story of my father almost dying when his car went off that same, treacherous, mountain road.  Many years later my cousin did die in a car accident on that very same road.  His dog was in the car with him when it went off a cliff.

The dog survived the accident and sat, unmoving, by my cousin's body for hours upon hours until the wreckage was discovered.

Even then, his dog refused to leave his side.

Eventually, someone had to physically pick the dog up and take it away.

It breaks my heart still.

I learned to drive a car on Angeles Crest Highway.

To this day, I consider myself an excellent mountain road driver.

Many people have died on that mountain road,

And yet, it's also a spectacularly beautiful place.

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4 Responses to “Angeles Crest Highway, and More …”

  1. Di

    Mountain driving requires constant attention to the road. Hope all those texting and phoning people keep that in mind.

  2. Jan

    What Di said.
    I hope you really DO take it easy and snooze on the sofa today.


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