Snippets from Salem, MA

It's taking me about an hour to edit ONE photo with my current, broken, laptop.

I push a button on my laptop and then read several pages of A Clash of Kings while I wait for the damn computer to sputter its way through something that should take a milli-second.

I'm sorry if my posts seem half-ass as I'm waiting for my new computer to arrive …

I'm doing the best I can with very little to work with.

I feel like I'm rubbing two sticks together trying to create a little warmth.

Yes, it really is THAT bad.

(And even more frustrating!)

Here are a few shots from my recent visit to Salem, Massachusetts.

From the moment I arrived in the parking lot, I was blown away by the COLORS!

Fall colors, Salem, MA.

I don't know if I've ever seen such a beautiful parking lot?

Vivid, vivid, colors!!

It didn't even seem "real" to me.  I mean, I expected fall colors but the trees were just breathtaking.

The town itself looked almost exactly as I had imagined it.

The Town Hall, built back in 1816, still stands.

Town Hall in Salem, MA.

There are a lot of tourists, and tourists shops, in Salem now.  I was more interested in the old stuff, vs. the shops.

For instance, no trip to Salem would be complete without a visit to the graveyard.

Graveyard in Salem, MA.

The graveyard trees even look haunted.  The grave stones are uneven, and in some cases – crumbling.  I could have roamed around the graveyard for hours reading the inscriptions from days long ago.  (I even read the inscription on a stone for a man who had come to America on the Mayflower.)

A lot of people do, truly, believe the graveyard is haunted ….

As "fun" as it was to ooh and aah at the thoughts of ghosts and haunted trees …

There was no escaping the reality of what happened in Salem years ago.

Halloween might be full of pretend ghouls,

But the people who died in Salem years ago were not pretend.

Sarah Good marker, Salem graveyard, MA.

It's almost impossible to fathom the reality of the Salem witch trials.

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4 Responses to “Snippets from Salem, MA”

  1. Diane

    Looks like the same colors our trees had in the past couple of weeks. Rain and cold the next few days so there goes the leaves.
    You need to toddle on down to an Apple store and get a new laptop! Now.. go right now!

  2. Michelle

    I, also, love cemeteries and reading the inscriptions and imagining the lives of those who have gone before. So, I can imagine what ‘fun’ for want of a better word, you had at Salem (I also look at old houses and imagine what they are like on the inside and how the families lived.)
    I love that you caption your photos, but can I suggest (once your new laptop arrives) that the font for the caption is different to your ‘story’. I sometimes get a little confused, and then realise I am reading the caption in the middle of your tale.

  3. Jan

    Poor Sarah – couldn’t they have just made her wear an “A” or something?

  4. Jane

    Such amazing photos from your trip. My husband grew up in the Boston area. You’ve taken me back. Thanks for that!


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