Still in Boston, Still Have Effed Up Computer

My computer is still jacked up, and apparently will be at least until Tuesday afternoon.  (Assuming the nice Apple folks are able to fix it …!)

It did let me upload a few iPhone photos, but none from my "real" camera.

Yesterday morning I had coffee and a brioche in a quaint little neighborhood bakery with my daughter.  After some decadent yumminess, we walked through Beacon Hill because it's the pure definition of CHARMING, and I can't get enough of the OLD and the CUTE.

(I'll have photos for you if I ever, ever, am able to upload photos again!)

Have I mentioned I've been walking 400 bazillion miles per day?  

(And blisters on top of blisters – have I mentioned that??)

From Beacon Hill, we took the T (subway) to MIT.  (Yes, I do have a Charlie card for the week – thank you very much Bostonians!)

I don't know WHY I asked to see MIT, but I'm so glad I did.

Self portrait.

The above is an uncropped, unedited, self portrait I took in the reflection of a really funky metal building at MIT yesterday.

I took a lot of photos at MIT.  The engineers there apparently pride themselves on designing funky architecture – a photographer's delight!

After MIT, I went on to Harvard Square for the primary purpose of visiting L.A. Burdick Chocolate.  It's my daughter's favorite chocolate shop and she was quite insistent I visit.


Everything is cute here – bakeries, chocolate shops, florists, restaurants.  Boston exudes charm.

And coldness.

Brrr …!

I caved in and bought a jacket yesterday after I returned downtown.

Oh, yes I did.

It isn't really a "coat."

It's a casual, short, black, sort of fleece (?) jacket – and it's warm, but not bulky.  It wouldn't be nearly warm enough for a Boston winter, but it will see me through the rest of my visit.  It wasn't expensive by coat/jacket standards.  I'll be able to use it in the evenings at home, and it's casual enough for cool weather high school baseball games too.

Jackets don't help the problem of a cold nose though.  I know it isn't that cold yet by east coast standards, but seriously people – don't your noses fall off?

Can I just add –

I've never seen so many jackets/coats in my entire life as I've seen during my first four days in Boston?  And boots!  Who knew there were so many kinds of boots?  There are thousands of different kinds of boots!  I'm just amazed by it.  I keep pointing jackets/coats and boots out to my daughter.  She nods patiently and says I know Mom.


I have so much more to tell you, but I'm going to attempt to publish this now.  

Have I mentioned I hate computer problems?

P.S.  My arm hurts like hell.  Teeth clenching *&%#$-ing pain.  I began my "emergency" course of steroids today.  I'd like to whine more about the intensity of my pain, but I'll spare you instead I'll pop another pain pill.

P.P.S.  I have one more full day here.  And then a red-eye flight.  Whose idea was the red-eye flight?  It's going to suck. 

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5 Responses to “Still in Boston, Still Have Effed Up Computer”

  1. Di

    *checks to see if nose has fallen off yet* Nope! Still have it. 🙂

  2. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    You are so cute! Glad you are having a great time. I’ve always wanted to visit Boston. Someday I will get around to it!
    Sorry your pain is flaring. At least you have your steroid arsenal with you. See, ALL of this is inspirational. The fact you are out doing instead of not experiencing life. Even though you will suffer a bit more with the pain flares, you are out building memories and experiencing life. You are inspirational for those struggling with a disability.

  3. Judi

    The only time I was in Boston was just before my first hip surgery, and I was hobbling around with a cane. A friend drove me around, but I didn’t feel like I really saw the city. Can’t wait to go back and really explore on foot. Glad you’re having a good time despite the pain. Chocolate makes things better.


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