Miscellaneous Aspects of My Life

This is Carolyn, who I love:

Carolyn, from OC Waxing.

Is it wrong to love the woman who yanks your pubes out?  Carolyn and I laugh, and laugh, and laugh when I visit her.  (OK, I also gasp now and again … but that's to be expected, right?)  Carolyn knows things about me no one else does.  

I mean, not many other people have my vagina spotlighted and magnified on a regular basis ….

This is what the inside of a Very Expensive OC Weed Doctor's office looks like:

Doctor's lounge chair.

I don't know if anyone other than the actual doc has ever sat in the lounger?

I burst out laughing when I saw it.  Then I sat in the other (normal) chair in the room, not the lounger.  Next, I had a lengthy discussion about chronic pain and nerve damage with Dr. Weed.

This is Grey Wolf:

American Indian named Grey Wolf.

I met Grey Wolf last weekend and he was kind enough to allow me to take his portrait.  I think it came out very nicely.

Have I mentioned (a bazillion times?) Orange County is gorgeous in October?

Coastline of Orange County, CA.

Well, it is ….

If I could, I'd just hang out at the beach all day, every day.

I hate when reality interferes my life.

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  1. Michelle

    Reality – it’s so over-rated!
    Love your photos. Esp the one of Grey Wolf.


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