You Know You’ve Got PMS When …

You know you've got PMS when ….

•  Your "baby bulge" looks enormous, but you haven't given birth in 16 years.

•  You want to argue with an anonymous commenter.

•  You say "ouch" when putting on your own bra.

•  You sigh a lot, because c'mon people get your shit together.

•  Your husband becomes the most annoying human being on earth overnight.

•  You announce, "I'm stressed out," to a total stranger when she walks by.

•  You wake up with a huge zit on the tip of your nose, and another one on your ass.

•  You raid the pantry looking for chocolate at 9 pm.  

•  And 10 pm.  

•  And midnight.

•  Your Golden Retriever looks at you with sad eyes, and sighs, before leaving the room.

•  You tell your teenage son, "It's a good thing I was a teenager once too," in a scoldy voice.

•  You cry when you hear children singing a happy song.

•  You look in the mirror and are convinced you grew five chins since yesterday.

•  You realize forgetting to move one load of laundry into the dryer is a DISASTER.

•  You think about snapping the head off people who give you unsolicited advice.

•  You have a headache, and you know nothing will cure it but chocolate.

•  You decide a total remodel is the only reasonable course of action because your house is suddenly just hopeless.

•  You make a quick grocery store run because you HAVE to have chocolate.

•  You sing sappy sad songs on your iPod while driving, brushing the tears from your eyes.

•  You decide it might be in everybody's best interest if you take some alone time at the beach with your camera ….

Do you have anything to add to my list?

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9 Responses to “You Know You’ve Got PMS When …”

  1. Bri King

    watching your children sleep makes you cry
    the end of the toilet roll makes you cry
    the phone ringing makes you want to run for the hills and never speak to another person ever again

  2. Deidre

    When not being able to reach something in the kitchen involves crying and cursing up the wazoo.

  3. Di

    Well, I’d offer advice as to what to add to this list, but sounds like perhaps you aren’t really looking for unsolicited advice.. Oh, wait! You DID solicit it. Still… ahem… not going to offer to someone in your PMS state of mind. *tiptoes out of the comments section* There’s always menopause to look forward to. LMAO

  4. Jan

    That’s PMS? I thought those symptoms (for me, anyway) were perimenopause.

  5. Denise

    It’s always good to keep a little chocolate hidden away somewhere for those days. I’m way past the days of PMS, but a little chocolate can help everyone.

  6. Karen

    What amazes me is Denise can hide chocolate somewhere and not eat it!!! That, my friends, is self-control!!! 🙂


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