And Then I Won an Award …

I've awarded myself the First-Ever-Award-For-Being-A-Blogger-Without-A-Computer.

I'm on Day #15 of blogging without a computer.

I do deserve an award for that, don't I?

I have so much to get you caught up on if Apple ever returns my laptop to me.

(Assuming, of course, it actually works once I get it!)

The most frustrating part of this entire ordeal is the fact I can't upload photos.

I feel so out of touch with all of you.

Are things going well in your life?

Are you having a good week?

I've decided I'll do some sort of giveaway next week, assuming I have a working computer by then.

It will be my thank you for your patience.

You've been SO much more patient than I've been.

I've turned into a three year old again, ranting and stomping my feet in frustration.

I think I'll put myself into self-imposed exile until I can act more mature.

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4 Responses to “And Then I Won an Award …”

  1. Jane

    I think I’d be completely wigged out by now and probably doing some primal screaming. Maybe the meltdown in the Apple store yesterday qualifed? I’m so sorry this is happening. Hopefully, they’ll have it fixed tomorrow and you’ll be loving your wonderful new Mac. (They’d better, I miss your pictures).

  2. gd

    Honey, I was nucking futs after 4 days without a computer.
    You have to be a saint….I’ll nominate you, K?

  3. Karl

    I’d go insane without a computer for any length of time. Can’t imagine how you’re feeling. Hope you’re up and running again soon.


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