Beach Houses

I never tire of photographing the beach houses here.  There's such a big variety of styles and locations.  

I spend a lot of time on our beaches.  I mentally critique multi-million dollar homes as if I were truly in the market to purchase one.

"Too modern," I might say – mentally casting one aside.

"Beautiful," I sigh while looking at another.  (Making a note to add another balcony when the Magical House Fairy makes it mine.)

Because I've got a house full of holiday guests, with more on the way, I thought I'd share a few shots of local houses today.  

I've taken these photos in the last two weeks ….

A beach house on the sand – feet from the ocean.

Houses on the bluff, in Newport Beach, overlooking the Pacific.  (Intentionally slanted horizon – I'm a photography rule breaker!)

A beach house with an ocean view to die for.

Ocean view homes with a young boy, about age 4, learning to surf.

If you're worried about staying in good shape, you could always buy a house with a built-in workout.

Beach house with hundreds of steps.

There are homes on this same beach with escalator/elevators to make beach access less effort.

If you HAD TO pick one of these homes, which one would you take?

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6 Responses to “Beach Houses”

  1. karen

    The first one, without a doubt. Love it!!…. These are just stunning.. there is nothing like the California coast here on the east coast. We do have some rugged beauty, but WOW.. is all I can say about yours.

  2. Denise ;)

    “House on the bluff”, red roof, hands down. It looks like it has more privacy. I’ve always had land around me so I’ve never have had to pull the blinds. In my dream house I don’t want to have people peeking in my home. Although, I should take the one with the million and one steps to climb. I bet you the people who live there are THIN. 😉

  3. Jason

    Wow, I especially love the third one. A-maz-ing.
    I would be happy with one on a bluff; I don’t need to be RIGHT on the water.


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