Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, in Laguna Beach, is known for its beauty.

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

I took this photo about a week ago, the day after we got a little rain.  It couldn’t have been a prettier day.  The water sparkled; my guests were astonished at the clear aqua color.  It was truly a breathtaking day.

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6 Responses to “Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach”

  1. gd

    Georgous….vivid colors….and warm!
    Coming to you from the Heartland,
    (where it’s 19 degrees at this time)

  2. sulky kitten

    What a stunning shot, it almost looks Mediterranean!I’ve been reading your blog for ages and really enjoy your writing & photos, you’re very talented.

  3. Laura M

    I used to live about 15 minutes away from here and when I was having a bad day or needed some alone time, I would come out here atnight at low tide and just sit and listen to the music of the waves. I sure do miss that serenity. Thank you for always giving me back a little of my home. 🙂 Happy Holidays.


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