Dream House

I don't usually share terrible photos with you.

Well, I try not to.

But ….

Yesterday, I found myself visiting my dream house and the light for photography at the time was terrible.  It was glaring right at me, and into my camera.

I couldn't resist though and I took this photo anyway:

Ocean-front dream house in South Orange County, CA.

I promise to go back and take better photos of Dream House soon.

To be honest, I really don't care about the actual house.  I'm in love with the location.

Yes, Dream House is worth tens of millions upon tens of millions of dollars.  Maybe I'll get it for my birthday next year?

The views must be astounding from all the decks.  The house faces west towards beautiful sunsets and Catalina Island.

The rock arch/cave underneath the house is huge.  (Several people could comfortably hang out in it and pretend it's the basement of Dream House if they want.)

Oh, how I would LOVE to fall asleep every night listening to the waves crash on the rocks below.

Can you imagine how fun it would be in a storm?

Waves crashing, fireplace lit, a glass of wine in hand ….


Where would your dream house be located?

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7 Responses to “Dream House”

  1. Jan

    Right now? My dream house would be a shack at the bottom of the Black Hole of Calcutta, as long as I was ALONE for five freakin’ minutes. Why yes – I’ve been in the middle of a menopausal melt-down for the last couple of days, why do you ask?
    As for the photo – good grief, woman. All of my “bad” photos should be that good.

  2. Neeroc

    That is gorgeous! But then my practical side kicks in and starts wondering about the very evident erosion and the wisdom of placing a house there. I’d seriously be concerned about waking up in the ocean one morning. *g*
    As for my dream house? Definitely somewhere warmer than this. I’m going to go with a cabin on the beach in Tobago; waves at your feet, rainforest at your back – ah!

  3. karen

    Oh wow.. .just stunning!.. My dreamhouse is a sea cottage filled with vintage shabby chic stuff among sand dunes and seagrass and driftwood overlooking a cerulean sea….

  4. Karen in East Texas

    Actually I think the picture is awesome. It has a stark (the house) but dreamy (the cliffs) quality.
    A cabin on the lake in hill country of West Texas would be perfect.

  5. Issa

    I’d be way to freaked out to live up there. Ha.
    My dream house is in Half Moon Bay. An old Victorian with a wrap around porch. It’s on the end of a beautiful street and the porch faces the beach.


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