Embarrassing Purchases

I bought a new turkey baster yesterday, and I felt dirty for hours afterwards.

Last year, you might recall, I had a few "incidents" while cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  One of those incidents was the explosion of my favorite Master Baster.


I've been meaning to replace it ever since.

I know grown women who struggle with embarrassment when purchasing tampons or other "feminine" products.  I know men who feel self conscious purchasing condoms.

For me?

Embarrassment is all about people knowing my Master Baster needs.

At first, I eyed the basters from afar (or across the grocery aisle).


I approached the basters cautiously.  

They were hanging, conspicuously, on display.

I looked at them.  They looked cheap, and likely to explode just like my favorite (good quality, but very old) Master Baster did.

The need for a baster nagged at me though.

I might not have time to look for a Better Baster before Thanksgiving.

Sometimes, Any Baster is better than No Baster – right? 

I glanced around.  No one appeared to be looking my way.

I quickly grabbed a baster from the display.  

I walked away quickly, feigning nonchalance.

I reached into my grocery cart and squeezed the red knob of the baster a few times.

A too-squishy knob would never do.

Of course, I needed to baster with a pliable knob too.

If you can't squeeze your Master Baster, you're bound to have a host of problems.

Mentally, I estimated the baster's length.

I wondered if basters come in different lengths and thicknesses?

I've only known one baster, in all my adult years.

And so it begins …

The holiday season has arrived.

Are there any items you feel uncomfortable or self conscious purchasing?

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10 Responses to “Embarrassing Purchases”

  1. Neeroc

    LOL, too funny. Master Baster has to be the best name for a kitchen utensil ever.
    After undergoing many, many rounds of infertility treatments I can honestly it’s really hard to embarrass me…and that several of my friends will never be able to look at turkey basters without blushing *g*

  2. Di

    I only feel embarrased about purchasing a baster if I am purchasing more than one. Love this post!

  3. Jan

    I can’t think of anything right off the bat that I’m embarrassed to purchase, but the next time I go shopping for kitchen utensils with rubber bulbs on the end, I’m taking you with me. 😛

  4. Denise

    Oh, good reminder to check my baster and make sure it’s in good form for Thanksgiving.

  5. Amy in StL

    Cucumbers. Especially since several of my friends work in produce and when they get a particularly large or bulbous one in they all watch to see what lady buys it. Next year I’m growing my own.

  6. Roxanne

    OK. I once bought this toilet plunger because it was the only one I could find at Target. I had to push it around in my cart, and now it taunts me from the place I’ve tried to hide it in my bathroom – tucked behind and to the side of the throne.
    Seriously, a toilet plunger is embarrassing enough. But why did it have to look like THIS?


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