When I was in Boston a few weeks ago, I suggested visiting the famed MIT campus in Cambridge.  My host seemed a little baffled by my request.

I come from a family of rocket scientists and assorted other engineer types.  Most of them have been to MIT, repeatedly, for one reason or another.  I've heard about the campus for years.  (By the way, I hate math – aren't genetics a funny thing?)

I'd also been told the campus is like an amusement park for photographers.  

It is!  

I could have spent days roaming around MIT with my camera.

The Strata Center, framed by a red sculpture.  MIT, Cambridge, MA.

Architect, Frank Gehry designed the Strata Center.  He must have had a lot of fun doing it, too.  

I kept expecting Dr. Seuss to pop out of a window.

MIT with a few funky photography effects thrown in for fun – not that the buildings NEED any special effects!

I also knew I wanted to visit Simmons Hall while I was on campus.

Simmons Hall

As it turns out, it was a long, long, walk to Simmons Hall.  I wouldn't have minded if I didn't already have a zillion blisters covering my feet.  It was worth the walk though … I had to see the different colored windows.  

But …

I kept returning to Strata Center like an addict to his drugs.  So many angles … so much fun and funkiness!

Strata Center

I also really enjoyed climbing inside Plensa's sculpture Alchemist.

Photo taken from inside Alchemist

People did look very puzzled seeing me crawl around inside Alchemist.  I can just imagine their thoughts, "Well, she's got a big camera – maybe she's supposed to be crawling inside the sculpture?"

I had SO much fun photographing MIT for a few hours.  I highly recommend you visit the campus if you ever have the opportunity.  Make sure you bring a camera.  (Even if you're a novice to photography, you'll want to take a few shots!)

P.S.  Thank you to the very friendly and helpful engineers who kept pointing me in the right direction when I got lost.  (I'm sure my friend Neil is wrong and you have seen cleavage before!)

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  1. Jan

    Holy cow, woman – have you considered taking up architecture photography? These are simply stunning.


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