Steve Jobs Dies and Apple Goes to Hell??

I want to preface today's post by saying I have been, for quite some time, one of the biggest Apple fans on earth.  In addition, although I never met Steve Jobs the man; I was a huge fan of Steve Jobs the genius.

That being said …

My MacBook died on my first day in Boston, two weeks ago.

I work on the Internet – I need a computer.

By laptop standards, I know my MacBook (at three years of age) was old.

(As an aside:  Yes, my laptop was backed up.  I backup my computer consistently.  I also store all my photos on an external hard drive.)

I waited six days to see an Apple Genius because my trip back east didn't allow for me to do so earlier.

For six days my frustration grew.

I'm a writer who couldn't write.

I'm a photographer who couldn't upload and/or edit photos.

I'm in the middle of a site re-design, and I'm unable to communicate with my web designer.

I have companies negotiating advertising space with me, and I can't respond to them.

My hands have been tied behind my back.

I don't blame Apple for any of the above.

But …

When I finally did meet with an Apple Genius, six days into utter frustration, I was given incorrect information.  He told me I could upgrade the RAM on my laptop and solve a lot of my problems.  He was wrong.  My MacBook, it turns out, was too old to be upgraded.

He should have known better.  After all, he had my computer right in front of him and was "examining" it.  You don't expect a "Genius" to give out incorrect information.

Another computer-less day went by until I learned I was given incorrect information.  (The Genius had referred me to a separate company for RAM upgrading.  They were the ones to inform me my laptop was not able to be upgraded.) 

I then made a second appointment with Apple, during which my first "Genius's" information was corrected and I was informed I was stuck in computer-less hell.

A few hours later, I ordered a new MacBook Pro from Apple.  I was told I needed to place the order online because the stores don't carry MacBook Pros with upgraded RAM.  

Ok then.  

I had to borrow a laptop to place my order.


When the order was finally placed, I was told the computer would ship from China and take about a week to arrive.

Days went by –

Days I could not work, could not write, could not edit or upload photos.

The laptop arrived a couple days early.  


I was ecstatic.  At this point, I had been without a computer for TWELVE DAYS.

I opened the shiny new MacBook Pro.  I couldn't WAIT to have a working laptop again.  I had so much work to get caught up on!  It asked me if I would like to transfer the info from my old computer to my new one via "Migration Assistant."

I pressed "yes."

Both laptops immediately became inoperable as Migration Assistant said it was "transferring information." 

Information migrated/transferred all day on Day#12 and Day #13.  

Soon I was back in the Apple store.

"Is it normal for Migration Assistant to take two full days?" I asked the Apple employee.

(I had been researching online and the "worst" case of Migration Assistant I had heard of had only taken one and a half days.)

"Yes," smiled the Apple employee.

Then he added, "It should be done running in the next two to three hours."  He also informed me it would have gone faster if I had bought a "firewire," but at this point it would be done shortly.

Twenty four hours later, (Day #14 without a computer), I was back in the Apple store, again requesting help.

"Migration Assistant is still running," I informed the Apple employee.  "It's been three full days – I need a working computer.  What do I do?  Should I buy a firewire?"

"A firewire will do you no good," Apple employee #Infinity told me.  "Your old computer won't work with a firewire."

::  Frustration  ::

Incorrect "Genius" information again?

Honestly, I've never been told the wrong thing by an Apple Genius prior to the last two weeks.  Now?  Every Apple employee/Genius has a different story, a different (incorrect) solution to my computer woes.

 On Wednesday morning I was back at Apple, yet again.  Two different Apple employees (one was a "Genius") got involved discussing "my" situation.   After a lengthy discussion, I was given instructions to buy an ethernet cable and told what to do.  (Apple doesn't carry ethernet wires, in case you're wondering.  Buying an ethernet cable involved going to a separate store.)

The Apple employees assured me my data would be migrated to the new computer "in no time" once I connected an ethernet cable.  

By noon I was back AGAIN (my third visit in 24 hours) to report the migration via ethernet cable had NOT worked either.  I was passed to three different employees.

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, by the time I was re-explaining "my" situation to the third Apple employee of that visit (the sixth of the day), I started crying right in the store.  My tears were tears of pure, unbridled, frustration.


This is how I spent my birthday – in Apple HELL.

"It's okay," the employee told me.  "I've cried in an Apple store before too – computer problems are so frustrating."

(By the way, my closest Apple store is a half hour drive away … I drove there and back twice on my birthday and countless times in the last week.  Apple – you owe me hours of my life back.)

The final solution?

In complete frustration, I told Apple Employee #Infinity I don't want to see either laptop again until the migration of data has been completed.  I left both computers with Apple.  They tell me I'll have both computers back (with the data migrated) by close of business on the evening of DAY #FIFTEEN.

And oh yes, they're charging me $99 to do the migration, but at this point I don't even care.  I've never been so computer-frustrated in my life.

Happy Birthday to me.

P.S.  This post was brought to you by a laptop I borrowed for one hour.

P.P.S.  I'm sorry Steve.  I hope this post didn't make you roll over in your grave – or rise from the dead to yell at incompetent Apple employees.  (Which I TOTALLY think you should do!!)

© Twenty Four At Heart 

8 Responses to “Steve Jobs Dies and Apple Goes to Hell??”

  1. Denise

    I have purchased my Apples from a MacStore rather than from Apple because they can add RAM and they are right here in San Luis. HOWEVER!!!!! When I had them do the transfer of all the data from my previous Mac onto an external drive, they not only erased the Mac (because I did a trade-in), but the external drive was EMPTY when I got it back. I tried with a very expensive firm in the Bay Area to get my data back, but they said it was gone. I still get so upset over all my lost photos and won’t let that store do anything technical for me again. You can find other technical people who work on Apple products. Establish some contacts and keep them in case you need them. It’s Orange County, for frikken sake!!! Do they have tech geeks down there? Sorry you’re going through this. You could’ve driven up here and borrowed my MacBook Pro for a while:-)

  2. Suzanne

    Although my Apple problems weren’t as horrible as yours, I too had a frustrating problem with their new “cloud” and stuff wasn’t happening for me either. Like you, I blurted out, “The man hasn’t been dead a week and customer services is going to hell!”
    I too got some shitty help from one of the “geniuses” and ended up calling the store and voicing my complaint to the manager. For the past few year I have ALWAYS sung the praises of Apple. What the hell?” (While all involved apologized, they said the rush on the 4s and problems with the “cloud” have had them running. Eventually it all got resolved but I was PISSED at them till it was fixed!
    Hopefully all will be good for you soon! I think it would be horrible to not have a working computer for two weeks. I guess that is what hell will be like.

  3. LindaSalem

    Frankly, I don’t take things to the “pros” anymore. I found an independent person who works on anything and he only charges us $75 to debug and make our computer happy. I have an iPhone that I really, really love. I’d love to have an iPad2 but you couldn’t pay me to have a mac computer. I’m sorry. I understand there are loads of people who love the mac including my favorite author, Stephen King, but I just never wanted the hassle.
    I think you should complain to the headquarters people and see if you can’t get them to refund that $99. It’s total B.S. that you had to put with receiving really bad information and then still have to pay them to almost literally fix the problems they created in the first place by giving you said same really bad information.

  4. Vertigo B

    I am so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, the word “genius” is thrown around a bit too easily and they tend to get a bit cocky.
    I have been a Mac consultant in OC for about 10 years, there are good people and there are hacks that will charge you a fortune and not fix your problem, lose interest, etc.
    Please email if you need any other help!


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