The Flower Shots

I’ve been participating in some photography groups these past few months.

For some reason, people like to do a lot of photography events requiring floral shots.

Personally, I think flowers are one of the easiest things to photograph (if you’ve got a few basic pieces of equipment).

What equipment?

Some of you photographer-types may want to know ….

•  If you’re serious about taking good quality flower shots, you should have a tripod, a macro lens and a cable release.

Photo of a dahlia.

I don’t find flower shots to be very challenging, but I do think they’re pretty.  (No offense intended to worldwide floral photographers!)

I do know most people love to view flower photographs.

Yellow flower.  Don’t ask me what it is, I don’t know.  It’s just pretty!

The above photo was taken at the beach recently.  I titled it Feeling Centered.

Which beach was I at?

I don’t remember ….

I roam a lot of different beaches.

While on one of my beach trips, I also noticed some orange-ish/pink-ish bouganvilla winding it’s way through aloe vera plants.

Orange bouganvilla.

I have bouganvilla at my house, but it’s the more common BRIGHT FUSCHIA PINK bouganvilla.

Speaking of my house,

Flowers are easy to photograph even if you’re stuck inside with bad weather.  In fact, it’s kind of fun to change up the look of flower shots now and then ….

White spider mum photographed on black background.

This next photo always makes me start humming the lyrics to Red, Red Wine ….

Red rose photo, taken recently at Descanso Gardens.

Sometimes I have to look really hard to find something new and unusual to photograph in the flower world ….

I wouldn’t want to fall asleep at the camera, after all.

Photo of a very confused flower.

Other times, the beauty of a flower reaches out and seems to beg me to lend it my lens …

Photo of a beautiful pink rose.

How could I ever say no to a flower?

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  1. Jan

    Should I articulate my envy that you’re able to photograph flowers at this time of year?
    Okay, I won’t.


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