Treasure Island

I don't want anyone to know about Treasure Island.

I'm going to tell YOU about it, but let's keep it our little secret.

When I need alone time, when I want a romantic walk with Briefcase, when I have friends in town visiting …

Basically, anytime

Treasure Island is where I hang out a good deal of the time.

Laguna Beach

Treasure Island is in Laguna Beach, but a lot of people who visit Laguna never discover it.

(And that's perfectly fine with me.  Please note the empty beach in the above photo.)

The beach is pristine; the water is clear.  It's so much prettier than most Southern California beaches.

Tidepool Educator

There are hot men who work at Treasure Island also.

Having grown up on Southern California beaches, I laughed out loud when I first saw a Tidepool Educator.

For someone who has lived on the beach for years, the concept is funny.


A lot of people who visit here know little or nothing about our beaches – especially about preserving them.  Visitors think it won't hurt to tromp all over the tidepools and/or to take home a "souvenier" from them.

Wrong people!

If everyone takes home one or two beautiful shells and a couple hermit crabs as pets – soon there are none left.

So …

The Montage Resort is providing funding for the Laguna Ocean Foundation to monitor the nearby tidepools.  A Tidepool Educator answers questions, provides information about the plants and critters living there, and keeps people from doing anything to destroy the marine habitat.

Have I mentioned the Montage Resort really wants to invite me as a guest so I can tell you about their beautiful resort?  No?

Well, I'll work on that ….

Treasure Island, Laguna Beach

In the meantime, 

If you're trying to track me down –

There's probably a very good chance you'll find me (and my camera) at Treasure Island.

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5 Responses to “Treasure Island”

  1. Michelle

    Treasure Island looks divine. Such a perfect place to restore and refresh.
    PS Thank you for changing the font under the photos. It makes it a lot easier to read for me. 🙂

  2. Jan

    Oooo – I hope you accept the resort invitation! (I know I would.)
    I think it’s just wonderful they have people out there to educate the public about the tide pools and keep the ignorant from harming (or destroying) them.

  3. Jack @ TheJackB

    I love the Montage. Haven’t been there in years but every now and then I think about going back and then reality hits. Damn private school tuition eats up all of my spare cash.
    Good thing my kids are worth it.
    P.S. Treasure Island looks fabulous, wish it was closer.

  4. Missy

    Love the Montage. I have only been there for drinks and dinner but it is gorgeous! Reminds me of Hawaii.


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