Winners and Other Stuff

•  Thank you to everyone who participated in my give-away yesterday.

The winners are:

DrLori71 with her comment:  If I win I'd love to buy myself something. But I'll probably just end up buying more Legos for my boys lol.

And –

Annette with her comment:  Perhaps a new pan to replace the one I burned up!

Congratulations – you each will receive a $50 Amazon gift card!  

In other news –

•  The programming of my bionic arm and shoulder has been corrected.  That's right, I'm no longer corrupted.  In addition, I now have two new programs added to my arm.  All five of my programs have been adjusted to be more effective than what I've had since I became bionic.

So far, it seems to be helping quite a bit.

I also have a very interesting new side effect from the bionics … I'll tell you all about it next week in a separate post.  It might involve at least one nipple.

•  Several of you have contacted me wanting prints for the holidays.  The goal is to have my new site (including the photo ordering piece of it) up and running by the end of November.  I'll be spending most of today working on uploading photos to the new site in preparation to go live.  Thank you so much for your patience.

•  I re-visited a haunt from my childhood this week with a visit to Descanso Gardens.  I'll have more about this special place next week.  

For today, I'll share just a few photos from my visit there.

Garden bench in a nook created by vines.  


I think I could "hide" in the nook for hours.  I might read, or I might just HIDE!

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to discover beautiful fall colors here in Southern California.

Fall leaves

Fall foliage isn't something we get a lot of here.  I think it's SO pretty!

Of course, there were a ton of beautiful flowers in the gardens also.  I didn't have nearly the time I wanted to explore, but I was able to find several I considered photo worthy.

Orange, yellow, and red rose

So much beauty!

I can't wait to make a return trip when I can spend a little longer roaming the gardens.

Congratulations again to today's winners.

I hope all of my readers have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to “Winners and Other Stuff”

  1. bri

    That rose is absolutely stunning. I am rather partial to photographing roses myself.

  2. Jan

    I’m with bri – that rose is just stunning.
    Glad you got reprogrammed, my friend, and are finding a little relief.


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