Heart Bokeh

I wasn’t going to publish anything today, but I decided to write a “quickie.”

The good news …?

My arm has improved enough to hold my camera.

(Oh, how I miss my camera when I’m in a pain flare-up!)

The bad news …?

Our Christmas tree is dead on it’s feet.

It was so fun to play with the lighting on the tree one last time ….

Heart bokeh.

I’m so easily amused …

Hand me a camera and I’ll find a way to fascinate myself for hours on end.

2 Responses to “Heart Bokeh”

  1. Michelle

    YAY for your arm improving. I guess spending time with your new PT is worth it. No guessing, really. Hope you continue to improve, and continue to make great memories with your family at this time. And get to know your new car. 🙂


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