Lucy Was Keyed, And I’m Questioning Humanity

Lucy, my brand new, shiny, black, car was keyed in a parking lot yesterday.

I got so upset about Lucy being violated …

I found myself breathing hard and ranting like a lunatic.

In fact, I was so upset I made myself spend a good chunk of time editing a few recent sunset shots just to calm myself down.

Sunset from my driveway – taken Thursday evening.  12/29/11

This is what happened –

I took Lucy for a short spin to our local drugstore.  I needed a refill of one of my arm/pain prescriptions.

I purposely parked a little further out in the parking lot to avoid car-door-dings.

I suppose that’s a little obnoxious, but the first “ding” or scratch to a new car is so painful.

I was hoping to avoid it until Lucy is at least a month old.


When I got out of my car I noticed a man STARING at me in a very mean, angry, way.

He was parked in a spot a short ways away from me.

He was leaning on his old, very clunky, very beat up, truck while he talked on the phone.

Now, I’m going to be honest here.

My first thought was, “What did I ever do to him to make him GLARE at me like that?”

My second thought was, “That’s something you don’t see in Money Town very often.”

And by “that,” I meant – him.

He looked like he’d seen better times.  He hadn’t shaved in at least a year.  He was dirty, his clothes were dirty, and he looked like he’d just crawled out of one of our canyons.


He probably had.

As Money Towners like to say,

There’s a “certain element” camping out back in some of our local canyons.

Now, I know those words sound judgmental and harsh.

I have met some NICE canyon-ites in my years living here.  A lot of them, however, are living in trees (yes, really!), and homemade forts, as a result of their inability to co-mingle in society.  Many of the canyon dwellers are desperate and willing to break into local houses and cars too.  It’s a fact – as our local police frequently remind us.

This particular man was staring me down with angry, raging, looks.  I had done nothing other than park about four parking spots away from him.

Maybe he’s always angry.

Maybe it angered him to see Lucy, so new and shiny, when he’s less fortunate.

Maybe he’s simply mentally unstable.

I went into the drugstore.

There was no line.

My prescription was ready.

I was back at my car in less than five minutes.

Canyon Dweller was still there.

He glared at me –

And then he smirked.

I admit, I hurried to avoid him.

There was something not right about him.

I got in Lucy and drove home.

When I got to our house and got out of the car …

I saw it.

Lucy had been keyed.

A long, deep, scratch has marred Lucy’s beauty.

I instantly knew it was done by angry-glaring-smirking Canyon Dweller.

“How could he do this to me?” ran through my head.

“Why did he do this?” came next.

“Lucy’s only a week old!” also entered my mind.

My anger has lessened (a little) now.

Next week I’ll take Lucy in to the doctor and see if her scar can be buffed out, or disguised in some way.

I know, she’s only a car.


I can’t help but question WHY some people are so awful.

How can anyone derive joy out of keying a total strangers car?

17 Responses to “Lucy Was Keyed, And I’m Questioning Humanity”

  1. Diane

    Oh Suzanne! I’m sooo sorry. What a rotten thing for him to do, obviously he has a mental problem but geez. This just totally sucks. 🙁

  2. LindaP

    This happened to me once. I know exactly how you feel. And the anger is only renewed every time you see the damage. The sooner you get it fixed the better.

  3. Annette

    Oh, I know how horrible that feels! So sorry! When my car was about a month new some idiots came through the lot after a football game and keyed my car on the door and hood. I was one of the lucky ones that got keyed. Someone else had 4 flat tires (not just the air let out, but gouged), and another car had a large, square hole torn in the rag-top. They were never caught..probably from out of town (losing team).
    I like your way of dealing with the stress – productive and relaxing and a gift to us all.
    Wishing you a MUCH happier and less painful New Year!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Happy New Year to you too, Annette. I think I’d understand (??) more if it was a group of drunk teens or something – but this was just … mean! I’m sorry you went through something similar.

  4. Missy

    So sorry. An accidental door ding is bad enough, but intentional vandalism is another thing.

  5. Pam

    I’m so sorry! Call your insurance agent. Someone keyed the F word into my son’s car last year. It’s an old Honda and the repairs were going to be $1500, so I imagine that your new car will be much more. It’s totally worth the $100 or so deductible!


  6. Linda Tustin

    1) love the car’s name. I am always tempted to call a talking car Lucy.
    2) It must feel even more violating to know “that man” did it and he smirked at you.
    3) count your blessings that you are not him. To do something vindictive like that takes a lot of unsettled pain. You have a much better chance to be happy than he does.

    (hugs 24)) and happy new year!

  7. Robyn

    What an asshole. I had someone key the word “ASS” into my car. It wasn’t deep so they just buffed it out, but I had it done along with some other body work. You should be able to pay your deductible to get it fixed – as it can get spendy if the “key-ing” went deep enough.

  8. Karen in East Texas

    Sorry to hear what happened to you and Lucy. My Myrtle and I have been through many scars the last 10+ years. She and I have been through alot together and even though she has 250,000+ miles on her I’ve kept her around. I take the car (no name yet) to work every day and Myrtle and I take occassional trips to town.

    Here’s to a better year. Blessings to you and your family.

  9. Alexis (MN)

    Wow I didn’t realize how far behind I’d gotten in my reading when my laptop crashed and burned and I waited for my new one. I don’t know if you even see that I’ve commented at this point but…..I’ll risk it.

    TRUST THOSE INSTINCTS! If YOU thought he was a danger – he was. Lucy did nothing to him and look what he (more than likely) did to HER! It would have been pointless to confront him because he never would have been able to pay for the damages anyway. You guys are ALWAYS going to have more canyon dwellers because of the stunning weather you love so much. Phoenix and parts of Texas and Florida have similar problems for the same reason.

    Be careful girl!

  10. Pri

    I just found that someone has keyed up the back of my car a lot and keyed a derogatory term for east Indians as well. It sickens me. It looks like the back of my car was also hit with something. I’m so mortified and can’t stop thinking that I was particularly targeted in this hate crime.


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