San Clemente – Coastal Trail

Yesterday, I walked about five miles on the San Clemente coastal trail.

There are several places where you can gain access to the trail.

I began at Calafia Beach.

Looking down on the Calafia Beach parking lot.

I parked above the beach, and walked down the bluff to gain access to the trail.

I did this because I forgot to bring quarters with me to feed the parking meters.


(But the view from up above is beautiful!)

It’s a trail I’ve walked many, many, times.

At one point, the San Clemente trail becomes a bridge.

We’ve had spectacular weather lately which made it perfect for a long walk.

There were people at the beach walking, jogging, biking, playing volleyball – working off those extra holiday calories.

A few people, who probably started the day with good intentions, ended up saying “bah-humbug” to the idea of exerting themselves.

This man opted for taking in the view.

 During winter months, not all of the lifeguard stands are occupied.

Empty lifeguard stands.

The empty lifeguard towers look so lonely – unmanned, and abandoned.

On the other hand,

I’m sure teens sneak onto them at night to make-out.

(Not that I ever did anything like that when I was a teen ….)

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