So Maybe There’s Hope?

If you ever meet me in person, you’ll be disappointed.

When first meeting someone, I pretend to be a grown up.

I can even be a fake professional-type person for long periods of time, if I have to.

I’m also painfully shy around people until I get to know them.  (All hell breaks loose once I feel comfortable with you, though.)

Beautiful, little, flower – alone in the crowd.

A lot of people misunderstand shyness for aloofness.

The real me is right here, though.  Some people discover the real me faster than others.

(Like my New PT, for instance.)

It only took him about 60 minutes to encounter the real me.

At that point, he was laughing at/with me.  He seems to think I’m a bit … humorous?  Or odd?  Or both?

And yes, I did just call him “my” New PT.

I’m a possesive bitch, aren’t I?

Saying he is “my” New PT is my way of letting you know, I like the guy.

Heh … who knew?

Of course, he’s on probabtion for the first five years until we see how much pain he REALLY puts me in –

After all, The Torturer crashed and burned somewhere around the four year point.

The first visit with New PT went well though.

I won’t bore you by blogging every day about my pain/disability issues but …

I came away from my initial visit with this:

  • New PT is a nice guy.
  • New PT can probably help me.
  • A.R.T. / Active Release Technique does hurt (in an intense muscle burning type of way) while it’s being done, but it’s NOTHING compared to the pain I live with day to day.
  • I could move a lot better when I left his office than when I arrived.
  • The “stats” for my arm and shoulder (mobility and strength) have regressed significantly since I discontinued P.T. with The Torturer.
  • New PT did feel up my wires.  I think he was amazed by his first bionic woman.  (“Is that another wire?” he asked increduously, as he ran his hand over another of my sexy scars.)
  • New PT has, surprisingly, already read 24 and knows he’s at risk of being called a Fucked Up Nerve Specialist (or something similar) at some point in the future.
  • New PT appears to have a good sense of humor.  (Thank God!)
Other things to note,
New PT asked me what I did for cardio exercise prior to my visit, and was completely awed when I told him I had edited a few photos.
New PT is a big proponent of the “whole body” approach to managing pain.
Editing photos is such … good exercise?
I’m sure, with his help, I’ll be advancing to one-armed push-ups in no time.
My future’s looking brighter by the minute!

18 Responses to “So Maybe There’s Hope?”

  1. karen

    Here’s to all good things happening with this new PT. And I just started Yoga to manage back/neck pain.. and holy crow, it’s actually working. I am already gaining mobility and experiencing less pain. I can’t do all the stretching/bending that is done in the routine, but what I can do is helping. So, maybe yoga?

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you Karen. I’ve considered yoga before, but there’s more I wouldn’t be able to participate than what I could do. So glad to hear it’s helping your back pain though!

  2. Suzanne

    I sure hope this new technique helps your pain management.

    Now go eat some cookies and celebrate!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you Suzanne! I’ll try to sneak a cookie if my son hasn’t eaten them all already! : )

  3. LindaP

    I HAVE met you in person and I was not disappointed. Nor did I find you fake or aloof. I imagine even I would be reserved (me? reserved? LOL!) if I continually met people who thought they ‘knew’ me just from reading my blog.
    Glad Your New PT Guy has a sense of humor and has read you. Think of it as him doing his research. At least he knows what he’s in for, LOL!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Hi Linda! (waving!) It was so fun to meet you! Yes, sometimes it’s a little surprising when people approach me and think I know who they are because they know ME. : ) I always love to meet 24 readers though – and you were a special treat!

  4. Jan's Sushi Bar

    As Oldest Son would say, Thank the gods.

    You have no idea how happy that makes me for you.

    And you know when we finally meet face-to-face we’re going to scream like a couple of middle-schoolers, right?

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you Jan. You are so supportive – always. You have no idea how much I appreciate it! And it’s a personal goal of mine to meet you “in person” in 2012.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you. I hope he can too. I do know this, I was in less pain when I left his office than when I walked in. Today, I’m better still – it’s a good sign!

  5. Missy

    Wow. You sound (?) completely different today! What a difference a day makes when some optimism lurks around the corner. I am truly happy for your hopefullness.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thanks Missy. I have REALLY been in bad shape the last few weeks. It’s so nice to finally feel a little better! (Thank God – I don’t think I could have handled it much longer!)

  6. Editdebs

    I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be disappointed. You are very cool. (Okay, this sounds too much like a fangirl, but I’m hitting submit anyway.)

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you Editdebs! I appreciate all the “virtual” love I can get! : )

  7. Linda

    uh-oh an exercise freak! LOL Actually I agree, moderate exercise is plain good for you. And what Missy said.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Yes Linda, it is. My problem is inconsistency. When I’m NOT in a flare-up I’m pretty active. When I’m in a pain flare-up … I’m curled in a ball on the couch not moving. I definitely need to get my pain under control so I can be more consistent.

  8. Dorothy

    You sure you weren’t describing me?? Stuck up was the word they used in school when really it was shyness pretending to be not. I’m better but still quiet until you get to know me!
    I love your new PT, he sounds great, I hope he makes it easier for you to walk through your days.
    I know on the “exercise”. Sigh. I go to the chiropractor and massage therapy and they both seem to think that I should be doing more of that nasty word to help my muscle aches and back pain (fibromyalgia). What’s up with that? Isn’t that their job? Sheesh.
    Happy for you!


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