The OC Economy Is Improving …

I get bored easily reading financial reports.

On the other hand, I can pretty much guarantee you the economy is improving.


Orange County's financial absurdness seems to be bursting at the seams again.

For instance …

OC Economy Must Be Improving – Story #1:

As I drove past the Money Town High School yesterday, I made note of the new cars belonging to the teenagers:

•  BMW

•  BMW

•  BMW

•  Mercedes

•  Land Rover

•  Land Rover

•  Audi

•  Porsche Cayenne

•  Toyota Tacoma truck

Man, I bet the kid with the $45,000 truck feels like a failure.

What the hell OC?

What are you thinking?

Truth be told, I think the parents buying these cars are just caught up in competing with each other via their kids.


(And then these same parents wonder why their kids have no incentive to get a job?)


Okay, I'm done with my little rant.

OC Economy Must Be Improving – Story #2:

I met a friend for coffee this week.  While we were chatting, a woman I knew many years ago approached to say hello.  She used to live in my little canyon, but she moved several years ago so she'd have an "official" Money Town address.

I barely recognized Old Acquaintance because she's now very, very, plastic.  (Plastic in a It-Doesn't-Look-Remotely-Good sort of way.)  Within the course of only a few minutes she told me about her perfect daughter "who has it all."  Her daughter is gorgeous, smart, and might even get a job with a famous company soon – !

I could hardly contain how impressed I was!

(Am I a bad mom because I've never told near-strangers how gorgeous my daughter is?  Let me tell you – my kids?  They have it ALL!  Well, except they haven't been gifted with luxury vehicles … but, other than that!)

Old Acquaintance also told me about her out-of-state friends who frequently call to chat. Often, her friends mention something fun going on somewhere, so Old Acquaintance and her husband "just hop on a plane" and leave for the weekend.  They do this on a regular basis because, "It's so much fun to fly off and meet them somewhere." 

The rest of the world does this too, right?

We hear about something fun going on far away from where we live and we just "hop on a plane" as the whim may take us. 

OC Economy Must Be Improving – Story #3:

If you're easily offended, stop reading right now.

Yesterday, I heard a woman at the mall laughing with her girlfriend about giving her husband a "before breakfast blow job" (BBBJ) as a means to get him to buy her a Mercedes by lunch.

He did.

We all know men love blow jobs, so really – there's nothing new there …

(Except, perhaps, this particular man's own stupidity.)

I was, however, shocked she was pubicly publicly, and quite loudly, discussing whoring for expensive merchandise.  She seemed quite proud of herself.

("Look Ma – NO HANDS!)

By the way, he also did the dishes for two days after getting his BBBJ.

Did I need to know that?


I was just out shopping for a scarf for my mother-in law …..

© Twenty Four At Heart

5 Responses to “The OC Economy Is Improving …”

  1. Jan

    I’m going to pass on what I think of the BBBJ (perhaps she thought someone would ask her for advice on how to perform this all important task?) and merely inquire, since I know how *close* you and your MIL are, if you are planning on wrapping said scarf around her neck personally?

  2. Loralee

    Wow. And I to think I gave my husband one just because he brought a Diet Coke for me without asking.
    I mean, I know I live amongst the cows in Utah, but I have GOT to raise my prices, dammit!

  3. stacy

    Thanks for the chuckle, Suzanne!!! I carpool the kids everyday and I have been surprised that there are a lot of normal cars in the lot also. I had heard and anticipated seeing tons of luxury cars. There are some of course but not as many as I had heard and I have not seen one Lamborghini yet. I did see a Ferrari yesterday but the dad was driving it.


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