A Public Life?

I’ve been blogging for quite awhile now, for over three years.

When I write, I’m almost always alone.

Palms at sunset, Orange County, CA

Even if there are people around, I find a quiet spot so I can think.

Every single time something I’ve written on Twenty Four At Heart is acknowledged by someone I encounter in my every day life,

It comes as a shock.

I know it’s ridiculous, but that’s the reality of personal blogging.  I write my thoughts on a screen, alone.  It’s like writing in a diary, except I dare not write about certain subjects.

Sometimes one of my friends will call,

They’ll start a conversation as if we’re continuing a talk we had via Twenty Four At Heart.

I’ll do a double take, thinking –

How did you know …?  Oh yeah, you must have read it on 24.

Weirder still, however,

Is when I get a text from The Neanderthal  in the middle of the afternoon –

Saying, “Who’s the hot trainer?”

And it literally stops me in my tracks, as I mutter, What the hell?? 

I’ve had a doctor look at me, knowingly, and say, “Well, you’re a type A personality so ….

And then backup his statement with tidbits he’s read about me/my life on 24.

(Hey – no fair analyzing me via 24!!  Besides, I can’t help it – I have a strong genetic disposition!)

I’ve been stared down in public by people I’ve never seen before …

Eventually some of them come forward and ask, “Are you Twenty Four …?”

I’ll get occasional emails from my ex, longtime, college boyfriend –

Short, one sentence, questions asking about something I’ve written on a particular day.

The emails almost sound like the extension of a conversation …

But it’s a conversation we never had –

One he’s read on Twenty Four At Heart.

I took my (old) car in for service once and was completely taken aback when a male employee fired off photography questions at the sight of me.

My brain knows I write on the Internet.

My brain knows a lot of people know who I am either because of Twenty Four At Heart, or because of my photography.

My brain knows many people know a lot about me –

A terrible car accident, multiple surgeries, my struggles, my triumphs …

And yet,

I will never, ever, get used to things like a random text, in the middle of the day –

Making me blush …

Asking …

“Who’s the hot trainer?”

9 Responses to “A Public Life?”

  1. WebSavvyMom

    –>I spotted a popular, local blogger in church last year. We follow each other on Twitter so I called her out that way. Our kids attend the same school so while she was volunteering at the used uniform sale, I approached her to say hello in person. It was very strange for me because I felt like I had read her diary because of her honesty of being a parent to six children. We have since run into each other a few times and it doesn’t seem so odd now.

    (LOVE that picture.)

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I get that, but mostly from people I already know – I’m not really noticeable to strangers (which is something of a relief), but I agree, it’s disconcerting.

    Did you tell The Neanderthal (who is now one of my VERY favorite people in the whole world) who the hot trainer is?

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      No, I did not. (And he wouldn’t let it drop!) I’ll never hear the end of it if I tell him. (Also? How can he not know? I mean, doesn’t HIS heart go pitter patter when hot trainer walks in the room too??)
      : )

  3. karen

    I don’t ever get it from strangers.. probably because my blog is just a little ole blog about not very provocative stuff…lol.. just locals who know me and read. I love that we share recipes and if I see them at a meeting they’ll say “Hey, I tried that cookie recipe, it’s great!”…

    Might creep me out if it were more than that!

  4. Jason

    Yes, this is the price we pay for fame, isn’t it? 🙂

    Although I dare say you are way more famous than I.


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