The Bacara Resort: A Room With a View

*I’m up in L.A. today meeting with a famous screenwriter, my friend Neil.*

I promised a few photos of my hotel room from my recent trip to Bacara Resort, north of Santa Barbara.

These aren’t great photos from a photography stand point – just quick snapshots I took prior to running out to the beach.

By the way, the beach by Bacara is not a great one.  The resort itself is very nice – the beach is meh.  (I’m just mentioning that in case any of you are planning a visit in the future.  The Bacara is a great place to get away, to be pampered, to enjoy the pools and/or spa – but if you’re all about the beach, you might be disappointed.)

The sleeping area – with french doors leading out to a large (partial) ocean view balcony.

Briefcase tried to book a room with a full ocean view, but most of the full ocean view rooms are in the process of being remodeled right now.  Our partial ocean view room had already been remodeled.  The remodel is supposed to be 100% completed in May.  (That sounds like a good excuse to visit again, doesn’t it?)

Here’s a photo showing the fireplace:

Fireplace – and a tray of candles on the hearth.

If you look closely, you can see Briefcase standing out on the balcony/patio looking at the waves.

Our room was very charming.  It was on the top floor of our particular building, which made for a nice view.

Standing by the french doors, and aiming my camera back into the room, looked (sort of) like this:

Looking into our room from near the french doors.

I say the view looked “sort of” like the above photo, because I’ve played around with the above photo in a photo editing program.

Yes, I’m a photo geek – why do you ask?  (Can you see my reflection in one of the bathroom mirrors?)

The shutters by the bathtub closed for privacy, but I never closed them.  Instead, I put the candles on the ledge between the shutters.  At night, with the fireplace lit (and candle light), it made for a very relaxing bath.

Talk about playing with photo software –

I really had fun with this next (and last) photo:

Bathtub with a view.

In the above photo, there was a huge mirror behind me as I took this photo.  There were also mirrors at the foot and head of the tub itself.  To the left of the tub was a large, beautiful, shower.  (And, needless to say, a separate little room/stall for the toilet.)  Not seen in these photos:  a large closet, a safe for my camera lenses, robes, slippers, a box of treats which were available for sale, etc., etc.

I’ll share some photos of other parts of the resort sometime in the future.

For today, I just wanted to give you a glimpse of our, very charming, room.

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