Bee – U – Tiful!

I pulled my macro lens out this weekend for an hour or so.

I was a little under the weather all weekend with a sore throat/respiratory bug.  (It’s been making the rounds with just about everyone I know ….)

Taking the camera out to my backyard was about all the energy I could muster.

(Seriously, you know you’re down for the count when a shower seems like WAY too much work!)

I was going to take a shot of some of our backyard lavender when a visitor arrived.

Prepare for landing!  (Buzzed the bee ….)

I was surprised how many great shots I was able to get while just “hangin’ out.”

Everything looks different through a macro (close-up) lens.

The inside of a tulip looks like a 60’s psychedelic painting.

I was especially surprised to see so many bees buzzing around.

This one, in particular, made me laugh.

Hard at work, this bee is covered in pollen.

I’ve never seen a messier bee.  He just immersed himself in the glory of his job.

Then he looked up at me, his face and body covered with yellow bits of pollen.

If he could have talked, I think he would have said –

“What ya staring at, bitch?”

Flowers must be yummy.

17 Responses to “Bee – U – Tiful!”

  1. Michelle

    The inside of the tulip would make a great wall hanging! Love the macro shots. You do good work, Ma’am. 🙂

  2. Di

    Love watching and photographing bees as they do their work. We have a large bush in the front yard and it’s not an overly attractive bush, but during the warm summer months the bees just abound on it. So, I don’t even have to step off our front sidewalk to capture them in action. They just turn into little piggies gathering pollen as fast and as much as possible. Great shots, Suzanne! Just getting over that winter cold and crud too!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Glad you’re feeling better Di. It seems like everyone has been sick. I’m not usually a bee photographer … but they are fun to watch so maybe I’ll take more shots of them in the future!

  3. Missy

    I’m with Jan. That first shot of the bee landing is spectacular. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Pamela Brookins

    Really, really BEEutiful photos! Thanks for sharing. You take better photos relaxing than I do on purpose! EnJOY your day!

  5. Elizabeth

    Those are glorious shots, I especially like the first one in flight. I’ve spent hours, parked next to our hives, taking dozens of truly mediocre shots of blurry gold. Thank you for sharing your work. Hope you feel better! (oh, and it’s a “she”…)

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you!
      I bet you could teach me a lot about bees. Like, how did you know he’s a she? : )
      I think a fast shutter speed is the key to capturing them in flight!

      • Elizabeth

        The “he’s” don’t actually do any work, just hang around the hive, eating and waiting for some other hive to produce a queen for them to mate with. Of course they all get kicked out come Fall, so it’s not really such a great deal for them…The males (drones) also have much bigger eyes than the workers (all the better to see during a mating flight).
        Oh for shutter speed; I actually miss my film camera, as it was the last SLR camera I had. I’ll just keep enjoying your work!

  6. Jane

    That lens is ah-mazing! I feel like the bee could buzz out and sting me!


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