Central Coast Storm

I drove up the coast yesterday for a few days of photography time.

Central Coast, California

There’s a huge storm rolling in.

Of course, I had to be outside (freezing!) so I could capture the incoming clouds.

I love the ocean during a storm – the biting wind, the angry ocean, the darkening clouds –

Photography …

It’s an addiction!

7 Responses to “Central Coast Storm”

  1. KirstyB

    I love a good storm!! The clouds in this photo are just beautiful and I can *almost* smell the air just from looking at it! 🙂

  2. Pseudo

    Ooooohhh pretty. How Central were you 24? Cambria? My other sister (not the one who lives in Ventura) used to live in Cambria and it was FREEZING every time I went.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I didn’t make it to Cambria during this trip. I wish I had – so beautiful! I was in wine country most of the time … Foxen Trail, Santa Ynez Valley, etc.


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