Follow-Up Friday

Wow, I’ve really overbooked myself lately.

I should know better, but apparently I don’t.

(I think I’m having time management problems with physical therapy back in my life three days each week.)

Also, as much fun as I’ve had –

Being out of town for three days (four if you include yesterday), really put me behind in so many ways.

Rusack Vineyards – taken from inside the tasting room.

Friday seems like a great day for some random follow-up, so here goes:

•  Thank you for all the visits/purchases from my new photo site.  You’re awesome.  I do, randomly, take photos off that site as I put new ones up.  Let me know if you’re looking for one of your favorites and I’ll make sure it’s available.

•  My new/old phone rings very LOUDLY.  Apparently, in the 1950’s, people really wanted to hear their phone ring.

•  Due to accidents and L.A. traffic – it took me two hours to drive up to Culver City to meet my friend, Neil, yesterday.  Ugh!  (About an hour would have been “normal.”)

•  Due to my own stupidity (I stayed up in L.A. until evening rush hour), it took me three hours to get home at the end of the day.

•  Lucy (my new car) would NOT stop talking yesterday.  I need to find her “silence” button.  Other than her (at times) over-chattiness, I’m really enjoying her.

•  Yes, I still have pain even though I’m taking Moxxor.  (It’s just less pain.  How much pain is determined by how hard The Neanderthal beats me.)

•  I’m taking FOUR Moxxor pills a day because my body is effed up beyond belief.  Two pills would be a typical dose for a “normal” person.  (People have emailed asking me – that’s why I’m including this info.)

•  It’s been summer-ish weather here lately, and I love it.  (I know we really, really, need rain – but I love sunshine!)

•  A very suspicious woman decided I was “up to no good” with my camera yesterday.  I wanted to inform her she was making herself into blog fodder, but I resisited the urge.  Blog post coming soon!

•  Just because I was in a random closet with my camera does not mean I was “up to no good.”  Anyone could accidentally find themselves in a random closet with a camera.  It happens.

•  I stuck my foot in my mouth about five times this week.  One of those times was really bad – even for me.  It might have involved spouses being with spouses they weren’t supposed to be with.  Oops!

•  If you’re a PR person, and you pitch me I will probably not respond.  I get 20-50 pitches a day.  I have no idea why I get so many of them, but I can’t possibly read/respond to them all.

•  If you’re a PR person and you’re good, and on top of your game, it’s possible to catch my attention.  It’s happened.

•  If you’re a PR person and you email me, “Dear XXXX,” and XXXX is not my name – but instead, the name of a local blogger I can’t stand – I will instantly hit delete.  Fail!

•  I maybe shouldn’t have commented, this week, about OC women with “huge, plastic tits” to a woman with huge, plastic, tits.  She was miffed!

•  Not enough people have a sense of humor in this world.

•  I want to see my first firefly – we don’t have them here.  It’s on my bucket list.  Where should I go – and when?

14 Responses to “Follow-Up Friday”

  1. Heather

    I had no idea that fireflys were not everywhere!! Michigan in the summertime you will see them in the evening (obviously) in less populated areas. I live on 7 acres and sometimes at night my entire back yard will be lit up on and off.

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>Lightning bugs in my yard, by the pool, near the hot tub, on the deck, in June, while we drink Firefly Vodka with lemonade.

    I’m also near the beach.

  3. Judi

    Ugh, I feel for you being stuck in LA traffic. There are fewer and fewer things that are worth that drive for me.

    I grew up with fireflies in Chicago, and really miss them in the summer. I was at a conference at the University of Maryland a few years ago, and was walking back from a late session when my friend and I ran into a bunch of them on campus. We squealed like little girls and stared in wonder!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I really HAVE TO see a firefly!
      I agree – I usually try to avoid L.A. at all costs. It seems like I’ve had to drive up there more and more over the last year. Next time I do it, I’m going to spend the night I think to break the driving up over two days.

  4. Karen in East Texas

    I love fireflies and miss the abundance that was around in my youth. Fireflies can be seen all over the United States. Nothing is more lovely than having them flow through your yard. However, if you are in for one fantastically beautiful event check out the Rocky Mountain Fireflies. They synchronize their lights, it’s absolutely beautiful.

    I hate commuting. I have an hour drive each way to work and back each day. Most of the roads are not highways, so if there is an accident you are just stuck.

    Well anyway enjoy the beautiful upcoming weekend!

  5. Alexis (MN)

    Come north and turn right. Fireflies a plenty. THEN, I’ll take you up north a little further. My friends just bought a place with a lot of little cabins. We could do a photography weekend with a few of our could-be-closest friends. Might even catch us some aurora borealis….one never knows.


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