Follow-Up Friday


What a week it’s been.

Tulips.  This week it looks like spring here, feels like summer – but it’s … winter.

I wanted to follow-up on a few previous posts, and update you on life around here.

First of all, Doc (my golden retriever) perked up yesterday afternoon and seems to finally be feeling better.

Earlier this week Doc looked like this:

A sad, hurt, dog.

Doc still has his cast on, but he wanted to play, was very smiley, and seemed in great spirits by the end of the day yesterday.  If you doubt whether or not a dog can smile, then I suggest you watch this hilarious YouTube video about the guitar loving dog:  Guitar Loving Golden.

Second, I still don’t know who The Pomegranate Stalker is.  It might end up being a forever-mystery.

Third, people have been asking why I’ve nicknamed my new PT The Neanderthal.  I’ve also been asked if I like him, if he’s helping me, etc., etc.

I’ve nicknamed my new PT The Neanderthal because he rips out scar tissue with his bare hands.  (He really does!  It’s a “hurt so good” type of thing.)

The Neanderthal is a hard body.  (Not that I noticed, because of course I didn’t.)

The Neanderthal  follows the paleo diet which is often referred to as the caveman diet.

The Neanderthal doesn’t mind his nickname, although I think he’s a little baffled by me in many ways.

I’ll have some future posts on my adventures at physical therapy soon, but I can tell you this now:

  • I like The Neanderthal (even when I bitch about PT hurting).
  • I’m in less pain than when I walked into his facility the first time two weeks ago.
  • He’s the complete opposite of The Torturer in so many ways – at times it’s a little disconcerting/confusing.
  • I’m not expecting anyone to fix my bum arm, but I already know The Neanderthal can help me function better with it.
  • The Neanderthal is unconventional in many ways – which is kind of refreshing.
  • The Neanderthal has made arrangements to meet with Dr. Painless to get a better understanding of my medical nightmare.
  • I’ve actually been well-behaved (for me) so far during my PT sessions.
  • Except for a few off-color jokes.
  • And some swearing as he rips scar tissue out of my body.
  • But … other than that.

8 Responses to “Follow-Up Friday”

  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    So glad PT is becoming a positive experience for you! Change can be good, we just have to try to remember that.

    Glad your pup is smiling again. So sad when the doggies don’t feel good.

    The fruit stalker…yep, that would bug me big time! Hope he/she comes forward.

    Even though I don’t often comment, your site is one of my first reads in the a.m. I’ve had a terrible holiday season and look forward to hearing about you and seeing your wonderful pics. Thanks again for sharing with the world.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Jenny –
      I’m sorry you’ve had a bad holiday season. Thank you for coming to visit – it means a lot to me! I hope things improve for you soon!

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    We paleo eaters are pretty okay, aren’t we? 😛 But I’d love The Neanderthal even if he followed the Ornish diet, because – Suzanne! You’re in less pain!


  3. Missy

    I know a few people who follow this eating plan and love it. They are also involved in Cross Fit training and competition so that tells you something right there! Can you say super buff! I can’t wait to hear more about your PT adventures.

  4. Christine

    Wow, I clicked through to your portfolio and your photography skills have just taken off from when I first started following 24 waaay back when. There are some GREAT photos on there! Including these tulips! What lens/f stop did you use on this one?

  5. Twenty Four At Heart

    Thank you Christine. I used to have to shoot one handed with a point and shoot – for a long time after my accident. As I’ve regained some arm function, I’ve been able to return (somewhat) to normal shooting … although, I’ve had to find ways to still use just my left arm.

    The tulips photo was taken with a Canon 100mm, f4.5.
    I shoot in manual mode, RAW, and almost always use manual focus.


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