Glimpses of a Fun, Fun, Weekend

I wanted to share a few glimpses of my fun weekend up the California coast.

I haven’t had time to go through all the photos yet, but …

Ventura Highway – where the nights are stronger than moonshine.

Pardon my singing.  I’ve been humming Ventura Highway since last Friday when I took the above photo out my front windshield.

(It’s okay – Briefcase was driving and he’s used to my camera shutter clicking while he drives.)

Picnic table at El Capitan State Park.

The weather was so beautiful when we first arrived in Santa Barbara on Friday.  A storm rolled in that evening, but the afternoon was perfect.

When we finally got to our beautiful room at Bacara, I was astounded by all the mirrors in the bath area.

“They’re so sparkly-pretty, but why did they put in so many mirrors?” I asked.

Briefcase grinned.


Me – warped by mirrors and funky photo techniques.  

Clearly, all the mirrors were installed so photographers could have lots of fun playing with light and reflections.

(I’ll have more photos of our pretty room for you in an upcoming post.)

Hey, did you notice my awesome photo stance in the above photo?

My left arm does all the camera-lifting work, my bum right arm rests against my chest, and my right index finger just clicks the shutter.  The Neanderthal and I are working on one-armed photo techniques.  I love that he’s working with me/my lifestyle.

And yes, some of you probably noticed I do wear a fancy medical alert bracelet –

All fashionable Bionic Women do!  (I’m what you call a bionic fashion-trendsetter.)

Chardonnay Lane – winery charm!

I think I’m going to have to make another trip up the coast soon.  It will more likely be a Motel-6 type of stay instead of a Bacara Resort stay …

But I’m okay with that.

There are so many more photos to take – !

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    • Twenty Four At Heart

      It was very pretty, but on the cool side – for us, anyway.
      We were back into the 80’s today. We really do need rain, as much as I enjoy the warm weather ….

  1. Jenn in Tenn

    Same here Jan! The picnic table pic is SO gorgeous!


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