Look What I Found!

Yesterday afternoon I realized I had forgotten to get our mail on Friday.

I expected a full mailbox, knowing there would be two day’s worth of mail to retrieve.

I wasn’t expecting this:

Another pomegranate in my mailbox!

The Pomegranate Stalker has apparently struck again.

11 Responses to “Look What I Found!”

  1. Di

    Maybe it’s the mailman? LOL I think you need to place a video camera somewhere and catch this pomegranate person in the act. :-)))

  2. karen

    Now it’s creeping me out. And that’s sad, because maybe it’s a really decent person just being nice. But..still….. don’t eat it. And WHO knows where you live?….

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      It’s hard to imagine someone doing it with bad intent, but it is a little creepy. Especially since I live off the beaten path. It’s a mystery … a weird mystery – but a mystery!

  3. gd

    I think it’s against somebody’s law to leave things other than mail in a mailbox……..


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