Parenting Fail 101

I have a strong affection for antiques and vintage collectibles.

For the most part, I resist my desire to surround myself with old things.

I do this, because there’s only so much poking Briefcase can handle before he gets pissed off.

(Can you believe ANYONE could ever get pissed off by lil’ ol’ me?)

Sometimes, I make “finds” I can’t resist, though.

An iPhone photo of my new, old, phone.

I fell in love with this “Dreyfuss” phone.  (Also known as a “Lucy” phone, because it became famous via frequent appearances on the I Love Lucy show.)

This particular phone has been lovingly restored to full 1950’s working order.

It rings!

I can talk on it!

It looks great just sitting there.

Imagine my shock …

When I discovered my 16 year old son does not know how to dial a phone!

How is that possible?

I suggested to him, “Try dialing it!”

(Because it makes an old fashioned sound when it dials and I thought he’d get a kick out of it.)

He stuck his finger in one of the dial holes, as if it were a touch tone phone he needed to push a button on.

Then he asked, “Now what do I do?” with an inquisitive look on his face.


29 Responses to “Parenting Fail 101”

  1. KirstyB

    Haha…I LOVE that phone! It’s so sad that most kids nowadays would have NO idea what to do with it!

  2. Di

    How hilarious! I always like the sound of the dial as you let your finger out of the hole and the dial released and returned…. Love your new old phone!

  3. tonya cinnamon

    I grew up with those for a few years
    (grand parents had one)
    before it went to the push phones 😀
    aweee to be a 70s baby again ^_^

  4. WebSavvyMom

    –>WOW! I saw on Pinterest there are phones in that style that accommodate iPhones so you get the same dialing sensation.

  5. LindaP

    I have always wanted one of these! I love the rotary dial and the clickclickclick sound they make. Alas I don’t even have a landline I can hook it up to.

    • Twenty Four

      We probably won’t have a land line much longer either … but even if we didn’t, I’d just enjoy staring at it! : )

  6. Jan's Sushi Bar


    I can relate; I took The Young One to the movies a couple of years ago, and when they showed the PSA for everyone to turn off their cell phones and pagers, he leaned over and asked me, “Mom – what’s a pager?”

    The discussion about what a station wagon is was almost as amusing.

  7. Beverly

    That is hilarious. I had not run across that particular generational oddity. I do teach photography at a university. Believe it or not, I teach analog photography. I have been teaching for about 15 years. I would say about 3 years ago I noticed that my students were having a VERY difficult time loading their film. It finally occurred to me to ask them if they had ever done it before. At least half hadn’t, the last time I asked no one had, I don’t even bother asking anymore.

  8. stacy

    A few years ago we got a rental car that did not have automatic windows. What the heck? Anyways, that was us. How do you roll the windows down? with that crank thingie.

  9. Judi

    Oh my, that phone is *gorgeous*! Love it. We have a landline, but it’s digital telephone through our cable company, and for some reason our corded, push-button phone can’t dial out, although I can answer that phone if it rings. I’m impressed that your new old phone works.

    I always enjoy watching old movies with my young niece and nephew. Things like pay phones on the street, corded phones, and record players are a source of confusion and amusement for them.

  10. Anne

    Now that’s one of those new fangled phones where you don’t have to talk to the operator. When I was a kid you took the ear-piece out of its hinge on the post with a little trumpet and you listened for the operator to say, “Number please.” Then you said the number into the trumpet. Our number was 233. The railroad station’s number was 23, and through operator misunderstanding and we often got inquiries about train schedules.

    • Twenty Four

      How I would LOVE to have your old phone! : )
      My phone number when I was growing up was 248-4444.
      I loved that phone number! : )

  11. Sandra

    That’s funny! But I guess it makes sense. My kids have never used a dial phone and likely never will.

    Great phone by the way. I miss my old bedroom phone from when I was a teen. The curvature fit my ear/head pefectly. Could talk for hours and not have my ear hurt. Now the phones aren’t nearly as comfortable to have lengthy conversations.

    • Twenty Four

      You’re right -our current phones suck on the “comfort-factor.” I don’t think anyone talks on the phone for hours like we used to though ….
      (Maybe because it would be SO uncomfortable to do so?)

  12. Annetet

    Yay! I love it! And I love that he asked what to do… Parental win right there!

  13. Deidre

    I grew up with one of these phones (in red!) … So I guess that’s the difference between 16 and 26?


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