Santa Monica on Drugs

Due to circumstances beyond my control …

Today, I’m just going to share a couple pics from my trip to Santa Monica last Sunday.

I should be back to “normal” blogging tomorrow.

An overcast, and therefore uncrowded, day at the beach in Santa Monica.

As a young-un’, I hung out a lot in Santa Monica and Malibu.

Dinosaurs used to roam the beaches back then.

They had big teeth and roared a lot.

Some of them had little arms.

Can you spot the plane in the above photo?

Since those days, air-o-planes have been invented.

Santa Monica isn’t very far from LAX (airport), so you can hang out on the beach AND watch planes all day.

Double good fun!

(Remember all the Doublemint gum commercials?  Do they still make those?  With the double-good twins?  Double good, double fun!!)

How old AM I???

By the way,

The circumstances beyond my control which I alluded to at the beginning of this post …

Might involve accidentally taking two pain pills at one time.

How does a person do that?

(It involved vitamins!  And accidentally gulping down what was NOT a vitamin with a pain pill.  Which equals two pain pills.  I was distracted arguing with Briefcase about the importance/non-importance of landlines.  As in telephones.  As in, I will not die from an overdose – but I’m having trouble thinking in a straight line.)


I can’t believe I used to (post-surgeries) take big, enormous, doses of pain pills every four hours.

Did I mention it was a very tough PT session yesterday?

I thought I might faint during/after it –

I think I forgot to breathe for most of my session.

I do that sometimes when I’m in a lot of pain.

I also said bad words.

More than once.

The Neanderthal doesn’t even flinch when I say bad words.

He’s un-flinch-able.

(Also?  He’s truly helping me so much

Even when he really, really, hurts me.  Which he did.  Yesterday.)

Where was I?

Oh, in Santa Monica.

(I’m going to regret this post, aren’t I?  But if I didn’t post anything, people would think something was really, really, wrong.  In fact, I will be perfectly fine in a couple hours – and I will be a lot more careful with taking vitamins in the future.  Also, do you have a landline?  Or do you just have a cell phone?)

So ….

What was I saying?

Santa Monica, at dusk.

Santa Monica was really pretty at dusk, with the clouds rolling in …


I think I should go now.

And really – I’m FINE.

I’m “allowed” to take lots of pain pills –

I just usually don’t.

(And now you know why!!)

28 Responses to “Santa Monica on Drugs”

  1. Diane

    We have both types of phones. Neither one sees much use though.. just not phone people.

  2. Skyler

    I just have a cell phone. I kind of miss having a land line. Not enough to pay the extra $ for one I suppose.

  3. KirstyB

    I love the sky in the first photo!

    We have a landline. Most of my friends have given theirs up…but I’m just not ready to do that yet. With an elementary school kid still in the house, it just makes me feel better that she has complete access to a phone on the off chance that I am not here when she gets home from school (rarely ever happens, but still).

    Sorry Neanderthal hurt you yesterday but it sounds like he is doing some good through all the pain! Wish it was easier to help you though. Hugs!

  4. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Your post was just fine!

    I’ve had my cellphone (iPhone) go completely out of touch with reality. Couldn’t call, couldn’t pull up a map on the gps…and I really needed directions at the time. It was that moment when I determined – I still need my phone plugged into my wall at home. What happens if the phone goes missing or breaks and you really need to contact someone? Or if I have to call myself to find where my phone is hiding. 🙂

    Feel better and glad to hear you are getting some positive results.

  5. LindaP

    It has been almost 30 years since I visited Santa Monica. I’m going to have to change that.

  6. Anne

    I talk a lot with relatives overseas so I need a landline. It’s expensive to use a cell phone for overseas conversation. Also, we live in a sort of hollow where the cell phone reception is not too good and you have to go and stand in the driveway to talk. In winter it can make you chilly.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Cell phones are expensive for overseas calls! We only have one carrier for cell that works in the canyon I live in. Very limited options …!

  7. Erica

    There actually is a plane in the photo. You aren’t hallucinating. I guess you would have to take three pain pills at once for that to happen.

  8. gd

    I could follow your post just fine…..really scary cuz I didn’t take any pain pills. It’s just the way my mind works. ADHD?

    land lines and cell phones at this house.

  9. Neeroc

    You’re kinda cute when you’re loopy. As for the phones, we’re sort of nuts. We each have a cell, then hubby has one for his work, then we have a land line (not my decision), AND then hubby, who is in security decided to get some fancy alarm that talks on the cell network so really, we have another cell living in our house. Absolute silliness.

  10. Editdebs

    Yes, we still have a landline. But more importantly, I love the beach photos. I used to hang out at Ventura as a kid, then Malibu when I was a teenager and thought I was cool (I wasn’t). I miss beaches so much. I love Chicago (where I live now), but the beach here doesn’t compare. Thank goodness I have your blog to help me out when I’m missing California. (I miss it more the older I get–and I think I’m a few years older than you. Gasp!)

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’m glad you like the beach photos! It always makes me happy to hear people are enjoying them! I love visiting Chicago – although, it’s been awhile since I’ve been there. Such a fun city!

  11. Issa

    No joke…can I purchase a copy of that first one from you? That is my favorite place on earth and it’s just a gorgeous photo of it.

  12. Twenty Four At Heart

    Issa –
    I’m so glad you like it. You can find it on my photo site, by clicking the “photography” tab in my navigation bar! : ) I’m always happy to upload any photos you might want so that you can order whatever sizes you want. : )


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