Sometimes I Wish …

Sometimes I wish I could write down every thought I want to express.

Sometimes I wish I was still an “anonymous” author and didn’t have to worry about real-life fall out when I share with you.

Purple sunset.

When did the worry of “fall-out” take over my writing?

How do I make it go away?

Sometimes I contemplate starting over … anonymous, once again.

But then …

How would you find me?

And, of course, I want you to find me.

I like you.

I like writing to you – I really do.

Sometimes I wish I could tell you about the deep fears, the frustrations, the ┬álove, the hurt …

The disappointments and the hopes.

Oh, and the good-byes.

I could write pages and pages about the movie-worthy, heart-wrenching, good-byes.

Life can be so utterly tragic –

And funny.

I can find humor in almost every tragedy … but not when my pen is silenced.

I have so many untold stories bursting within me.

Stories unwritten.

Stories worth telling.

29 Responses to “Sometimes I Wish …”

  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Hope you are okay!

    I think I need to buy the picture in this post, are you putting it in the group of pics that are for sale?

    Good-byes… short stories for a book perhaps?

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’m fine, thanks! : )
      The photo from today’s post has been uploaded. Just click on the photography tab in my navigation bar and then go to the “Beach” gallery! : ) Glad you like it – it’s one of my favorites!

      (I like your idea of a short story book too!)

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Yeah, I had to stop writing about personal stuff too – families and friends can be touchy. But that’s okay; it gives me more room to rant about my crazy diet. LOL

    Love the photo. LOVE.

  3. Jenn in Tenn

    Beautifully said. I don’t have a blog, partly because of some of those exact reasons. Love all you do.

  4. Denise

    I think with the thousands of followers on G+, privacy becomes more of a concern. I block so many on there because they are not photography fans at all. And you have so many more than I do, it could be a full time job. You need to be so aware of how open you are with your life because you can be located.
    There is not much you can do about the possibility of exposing or opening wounds with others when you write about your experiences in such a public way. You might want to consider a private blog for that now that this one has gotten more exposure.

  5. Donna in VA

    That’s precisely what happened to my blog. The more people that knew about it, the more “fall out” I knew I’d get. And I understand exactly what you’re saying when you say that you’ve got so many stories to tell. But the price is too high. The thing is now. . . I feel so stifled. At least I was expressing myself through my food posts, but then it got to where I couldn’t tell any of the stories that went with them. Then it was just a boring recipe blog. I was stifled by others who don’t understand me. I am STILL trying to find another outlet.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      You’re exactly right, Donna. I feel stifled. I’ve used my writing as an outlet my entire life … but it’s much more difficult to write freely when people are READING what I write. Ha ha!! : )

  6. Faythe

    I would love it if you wrote those stories, but saved them for a future book. I’d read that book in a heartbeat!

  7. Deidre

    Yes, this is a challenge! I try so hard to keep my blog away from most of the people that I know. Although, I realise someday they will find it…I mean how could they not?

    You can always write the stories anyway. Just don’t publish them. Write them as you would before you were “exposed”

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I started my blog anonymously – everyone found me after a year or two. I think I should write the stories, even if I can’t publish them. It would be cathartic!

  8. Anne

    I am still trying to write personal stuff that is meaningful and yet not too intimately revealing. I got into trouble once writing about my impressions of others, but I find, for the most part, if I write only about myself nobody much cares what I reveal. What I have to be most careful about is my family and people close to me who may not want their personal lives published. I am so old now that I can write about things in the past with some ease because most of the main characters are dead. So you may have to wait until you get as old as I am before you can write some of this stuff.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I love your writing, Anne. The hard thing about writing about oneself, is that our lives are so entwined with the lives of others. How to tell my story without hurting/offending/ruffling feathers of others – it’s an uneasy balancing act.

  9. Pam from Ohio

    Honestly, I cannot understand why you’d have any fallout whatsoever from the things you write. You are always very careful and protective of your privacy, but yet your posts are warm and inviting. Not to mention the beautiful photos you share with us. But if you want to express yourself more freely, maybe the private blog is the answer. Just make sure you invite me!

  10. LindaP

    Sometimes, you can write exactly what you want, exactly what you feel. Email them to yourself. Or a friend.

  11. Karen in East Texas

    OK, I think maybe either an old fashion paper journal or a private electronic one that is not online.

    I have tried and tried to keep a personal journal and fail dismally at it, so why am I surprised that I can’t keep up with my blog?! O_O


  12. Joanne J

    I think you SHOULD write them, and publish them, and change all the names, and embellish, and lie a little, and talk about your underwear like you used too, and make remarks about folks that would piss them off…. and call it “I NEVER Said That!

  13. Joanne J

    OH, and of course, do it anonymously, and wear a groucho nose and mustache for your profile photo and a hoodie, like the unibomber. you could be the uniF-bomber!


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