The Beginning of a New Year

The first person I kissed, as the clock rang in 2012, was my friend Nike.

Then I texted a different friend saying, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

I’m a fun drunk!

(I also get drunk on just a few sips of alcohol – cheap date!)

We have one more day off here until the reality of work and school schedules return.

(Reality is sort of returning today, however.  I have a morning appointment at physical therapy.  I’ve enjoyed an entire week off while The Neanderthal was vacationing out of town.)

I coerced Briefcase into a trip to the beach yesterday.  To be honest, it didn’t take much effort on my part.

The beach was surprisingly crowded with tourists.

A lot of people from Oregon and Wisconsin are visiting right now because of the Rose Bowl.

The Oregonians and Cheeseheads looked like they were REALLY enjoying their visit to Southern California yesterday.

I can’t say I blame them.

It’s been so beautiful these past several weeks.

Sunset in San Clemente – yesterday.

It was really nice to spend some extended time with my camera too.

You’ll find me at my happiest, at the beach with a camera in my hands.

I got a lot of great shots and even met a few nice tourists.

I can’t believe I just used the word “nice” and “tourists” in the same sentence.

(No offense, but I prefer my beaches as uncrowded as I can get them.)

It must be the after effects of all that New Year joy –

Or something ….

6 Responses to “The Beginning of a New Year”

  1. karen

    I did the very same thing yesterday – Jan. 1 – camera at beach. We’ve had beautiful weather too… unusually warm for this area.

    Happy 2012 to you and yours, twentyfour 🙂

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Our New Year’s Day was exiting – we took down a lot of the Christmas decorations. I hard boiled 2 dozen eggs and made a pot of chicken stock. We had more pork and goat meatballs (this time in a Thai red curry) for dinner, and watched Food Network all evening.

    Yup, we live on the wild side.


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