The Surfing Life

There are many things I take for granted living here.

A surfer left his wetsuit and towel hanging out of his car to dry.

Sights like the above, are not at all unusual here.

Once in awhile, it occurs to me –

Many of you aren’t used to seeing things like this,

Every day, little things, like wetsuits hanging out of cars to dry.

Especially not in January.

12 Responses to “The Surfing Life”

  1. karen

    Does this photo have an added texture or action? Love the feel of it. Perhaps it’s just the light.

    Great shot.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      It had some great beachy light going for it. I did post-process it for the web … but to be honest, it was a few days ago and I don’t remember what I did to it. I did NOT add a texture layer though … I almost never do. It has a definite beachy feel to it though! I’m glad you like it!

  2. Dorothy

    I love your photos and am totally jealous of where you live. And no, really , I am not a stalker when I say I need to move there!! One of my recent comments went missing, not sure if I did it or what, but I was teasing, not serious about you needing a companion when the kids left.
    Upstate NY in the winter is brown. Or white. And cold. Sigh. It’s hard to believe others have your kind of winter when we are freezing, shoveling snow and scraping ice! One of these days I plan to live in a warm spot, yup . Not going to Florida though which is where all the old lemmings, I mean, folks from here seem to migrate to! Where do people go on your side of the country when they retire?
    Anyhow, I get such peace and serenity from your seacoastal photos. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Dorothy – I saw that comment about the companion and thought I responded to it. I’ll have to go back and check now and see where it is/if I can find it. People here sometimes go out of state to retire because it’s expensive to live here. BUT … a lot of people just stay put also. There are some great communities for people who are ready to retire. They plan lots of activities/trips/etc. and I hear they’re quite nice.

      I’m glad you like my photos.
      It always makes me so happy to hear people like them!

  3. Dorothy

    oops didn’t mean to emphasize the whole sentence and the rest of it, just the first “Not”…

  4. Linda M

    That’s definitely not something I ever see in Pennsylvania, not even in the summer. I’m so excited today because it might hit 50 degrees! We started the week with 20 degrees–and a “real feel” of 7. UGH.
    I love looking at your pictures; they remind me to try to calm the circus in my head… My sister lives in San Diego, and my favorite place to visit is Torrey Pines. Looking at your pics helps remind me of there.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      50 degrees is warm for back there!
      Briefcase grew up in Pennsylvania!
      Torrey Pines is beautiful. I’ll have to make a visit there with my camera sometime soon.
      So glad you like the photos! : )

  5. Jenn in Tenn

    My husband grew up in Southern California, so a lot of this isn’t foreign to me but one thing that was odd for me to see was him being able to change out of wet swimwear into his dry streetclothes while only wrapped from the waist down in a beach towel. Definitely not something you see in Tennessee! (And once his sister moved here, I saw her do it too!! Just HAS to be a beach thing!!)


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