Things I’m Digging Lately

A lot of things have been capturing my interest lately.

Some of these things, I haven’t had time to fully research and/or enjoy since my two oldest kids are hanging around here for about one more week.

(Have I mentioned I LOVE my kids, but this has been the longest “holiday” season ever?  What is a “normal routine?”  I really have no idea anymore.)

  1. Canon’s announcement of the upcoming Canon EOS-1D X camera.  Way out of my price range – the features on this camera make me drool.  It’s my dream camera.
  2. Kauai – I’m trying to find time to plan a photography expedition to Kauai.  The very thought of my (still unplanned) trip thrills me!
  3. Moxxor– Okay, this is a weird one.  I’ll do a separate post on Moxxor soon, but I’m starting to believe this is a (my?) miracle drug/food.
  4. Wine – I’ll be touring a few Central Coast wineries in the next few weeks, weather permitting.  Did you ever see Sideways?
  5. Lightroom 4 (beta) – The new beta additon of LR4 is out, and it’s free.  I’m liking the improvements a lot.  Here’s the first shot I tried editing in LR4:Geranium photo
  6. Butt Rub – Yes, I said Butt Rub.  Butt Rub arrived as a Christmas gift, and my family loves it on chicken, fish – you name it!  (Warning – it’s on the spicy side.)
  7. Lucy, my new car.  She’s so smart and she’s making it fun to drive – even when there’s traffic.  (Remind me I said that next time I go to L.A., okay?)
  8. The extremely hot personal trainer who works at the same location as The Neanderthal.  He’s possibly the most perfect male specimen ever invented.  (Not that I noticed!)
  9. The photography community on Google +.  Damn, there are a lot of talented, creative, inspiring, people in this world.
  10. Mucinex D Maximum Strength (the kind behind the counter – you have to ask the pharmacist for it).  Five boxes of kleenex later … I’ve found something that actually works for The Grime I’ve been battling lately.

Okay – it’s your turn!

Can you name something you’re digging lately?

P.S.  This was an unsponsored post – I wasn’t compensated in any way for mentioning the products/places/hot people I chose to mention.

6 Responses to “Things I’m Digging Lately”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I think your list is great! Things I’m digging lately? Hmmm.

    My grandson
    Japanese sweet potatoes
    Kale chips
    Portal 2
    Jokers and Pegs tournaments with the kids
    Darling Daughter’s brand-spanking new opal and diamond engagement ring

  2. Jenn in Tenn

    Ok…totally need to hear more about this Moxxor! You have piqued my interest!
    What I’m digging now:
    AwolNation – Sail
    Benton’s Bacon
    A new church my daughter and I have found
    Late breakfasts on weekends!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I love Sail, Jenn! It’s an addicting song.

      I’ll do a post on Moxxor next week. I am such the skeptic – but I’m totally sold on it. Probably next Tu/Wd …!!

  3. Katie

    I’ve been an on and off reader in the past. I clicked on your Moxxor link and your full name shows up. If you’re OK with that, awesome. I wasn’t sure if you were ready to go full-on with your name 🙂

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Hi Katie!
      When I first put the Moxxor link in this post, it did not connect to my name. In the last couple days I’ve decided to distribute for them since the product is helping my pain so much. (It has been life changing for me.) I figure having my name out there doesn’t matter at this point since our local newspaper has publicized my full name, linked to 24 several times. Also, there are around 20,000 Internet friends now following my photography via G+ … through my full name. Any attempt at anonymity died quite awhile back. : ) You’re right though – when I first began blogging I WAS trying to keep my name private. At this point, I’ve given up! : )


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